Gone bare then days when men would be frowned at when they wore any type of jewelry, because it was viewed as to girlish. However, in the streets of America, jewelry such as chains and studs has been around for a while now, since the 80s. The culture has spread to every corner of the world and now it is common to see every rapper or singer putting on jewelry.

However, if you are an alpha male, the last thing that you want in your life is being caught looking like a simp! In other words, street swag isn’t something that an alpha male is proud of because he must be viewed in a particular way by the society. So, that sends you thinking, what are some of the jewelry options for a typical modern alpha male today? Well, they include but aren’t limited to the following:

· Watches

Watches are probably the most common and most attractive jewelry for any man outside there regardless of age. Watches have been there since time immemorial and they constitute must-have items for alpha males. Moreover, watches are available in different types, quality and designs creating a variety to match every one’s taste. 

There are also designer watches like Hublot which are not only stylish but functional masterpieces that no man should miss in their closet. Getting yourself a watch is quite easy as you can also do it online. However, make sure that you transact with a trusted vendor to minimize the chances of internet fraud. Remember, most vendors will require that you complete the payment before the item is shipped to your doorstep.

· Rings
At times, you just get tired of a plain band and decide to pull a ring. Though it was initially associated with gangsters, rings are increasingly becoming popular even among alpha males. For instance, one ring doesn’t make you look like a simp, especially if it is of high-quality.

· Tie Clip

A tie clip is an accessory that is mostly used in formal wear by office workers who would want to move about their businesses in convenience. It holds the tie in position for the whole day. 

They are not that sophisticated as they mostly come in plain form of either plastic or just metallic material such as silver. However, some people go ahead and customize tie clips to include their patterns or preferred construction material.

· Cuff Links

Lastly, we have the cufflinks, which are a must for you especially f you are obsessed with Italian suits. In fact, cufflinks should be matched with a tie clip but will still go unnoticed by most people. In other words, cufflinks is something that you shouldn’t be afraid of trying it out if you’ve never before. 

Chances are only the people next to you may notice, and that is if you are showing off. If you are going with metallic-based cufflinks then you must ensure that they match the other metallic jewelry that you are wearing. If it is silver let everything be silver, and if its gold let everything be gold!