The factories, production houses and pharmaceutical industries have long lasting, safe, hygienic floors which are resistant to damage. These floorings are Resin Flooring. Resin Flooring is prepared by the mixing of different chemical ingredients. The reactions of these chemical ingredients lead to the formation of high quality, damage resistant resin flooring. There are three major types of resin flooring including:

  • ·         PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate)
  • ·         Polyurethane
  • ·         Epoxy

The most widely used resin flooring is Epoxy. It is also known as industrial flooring and it is actually a thermoset material. Expoxy resin provides strength and durability.

The benefits

The unlimited benefits of Resin Flooring make it useful for industries, pharmaceutical industries and production houses. These departments have unlimited work and they need long lasting flooring. So, the resin flooring is the best choice for them. Let’s have a look on the benefits of resin flooring:

The strength

Resin Flooring is strong and tough. In industries, there are heavy duty machines and use of chemicals. But resin flooring can afford the burden on it without any damage. It is prepared by the reaction and bonding of two chemicals thus resulting in concrete like strong flooring.


The Resin flooring is resistant to damage so it is also resistant to scraping. Therefore it can bear the heavy weight and force on it. A concrete floor may have scratches and scraping but resin flooring is resistant to all of them. It is also resistant to chemicals. Spillage is common in industries, so resin flooring is resistant to chemicals. Therefore chemical spillage has no effect on flooring.


Despite all of the strength and resistant, resin flooring is flexible. It is tensile under stress therefore it can bear heavy weight and is resistant to heat shock. Te flexibility increases the weight bearing ability therefore the floor can bear tons of weight.


The resin flooring is enchanting, gives aesthetic look and feels good to eyes. When someone enters in the place, the flooring gives a good impression. When the flooring is damage free, its smooth looks give a good impression.

These are the few major benefits of resin flooring. There are unlimited benefits when it comes to industries and factories. Many other places like laboratories; shopping malls etc can also adopt the culture of resin flooring. For better results, the flooring should be bought and installed by some trustable company.

Where to get

You can get the high quality resin flooring from the best company like Reme Flooring. Reme flooring provides the services of resin flooring purchase and installation. The company mostly provides the flooring prepared by Epoxy resins of UK and maintain the quality standards. The company provides the services of:

  • ·         Hard wearing
  • ·         synthetic Epoxy resin flooring system
  • ·         Light duty coating
  • ·         Heavy duty coatings
  • ·         Eight specific types of flooring

Feel free to contact for high quality resin flooring services. The unlimited benefits of this type of flooring makes it unique among all other floorings.