Many consumers find themselves out of their element when it comes to roofing and making materials selections for their homes and other buildings. While roofing can be a technically in-depth aspect of the construction process, with the right information it need not be an intimidating part of a build. 

To aid in spreading this information, we decided to take a look at one of the leaders in the roofing supply industry — TAMKO. By examining information about the company and its range of products, you’ll be better prepared to make important decisions about the roof on your next building project.

TAMKO has been in business for more than 75 years selling shingles and other roofing materials. In all that time, the company has maintained a consistent adherence to integrity, honesty, and compliance, three principles codified in its statement of core values. 

That focus on ethical undertakings stems from a long line of ownership by the company’s Founder, E.L. Craig, and his descendants. Now on its third generation, this legacy of family ownership touches everything the company does and contributes greatly to the quality of its products.

Part of that legacy has included a strong drive to improve upon existing methods and expand the company to be able to serve as many customers as possible. In that pursuit, the company has grown from a regional operation in Joplin, Missouri to a nationwide company with locations in many different states. 

This expansion has seen the creation of thousands of quality jobs and has helped to serve the company’s goal of continuous improvement. That improvement has allowed the company to gain greater control over its products by manufacturing more of their components in-house and ensuring that their quality is the best they can possibly be.

Product availability
The company is best known for its wide range of roofing shingles that can be custom made to fit a variety of building types. The company’s asphalt roofing shingles not only provide building professionals with a means of protecting structures from weather and other extreme conditions, they also can be ordered in a variety of styles and colors. 

This allows builders to keep the look of a roof appropriate to many different styles of houses or structures. Steel shingles are another popular offering from the company, allowing contractors to take advantage of different building materials and properties. These shingles offer impressive durability, energy efficiency, and cooling ratings at a cost-effective price.

The company also offers a variety of other roofing products to aid in the construction of structures of many types. One of the main offerings in this regard is the company’s waterproofing products. This includes balcony/breezeway products to prevent water intrusion in elevated areas. 

The company also offers underlayments, flashing, primers, and more. Taken as a whole, this family of products helps to complement the company’s roofing shingles to provide professionals with everything they need to create a quality structure.

The roofing company’s products are available through a large number of dealerships across the U.S. and through parts of Canada. These dealerships not only carry the company’s products but can answer questions on their usage and technical specifications. 

Homeowners wishing to utilize the company’s products can hire a TAMKO Pro Certified Contractor. These contractors are certified to use the company’s products and can work with individuals to help them achieve the desired results in their roofing project.

While the world of roofing can be confusing for individuals who aren’t trained in this area, there is plenty of support available from quality roofing specialists. The above information on TAMKO, including its product line and general practices, should be helpful if you’re thinking of starting a roofing project in the near future. 

If you still have questions in this area, consider contacting the company or a contractor to more fully understand your options for building or remodeling your roof.