You have heard Bottle Screen Printing and Environment Chamber Machine. Both have different significance and various perspectives. If you want to learn the significance you should read the article.

What Is Bottle Screen Printing Machine and Environmental Chamber Machine and their perspective?

Bottle Screen Printing machines are widely used in the field of chemical, water bottles industry, food, beverage, and cosmetic bottles manufacture. There are various terms used for screen printing. It is also known as serigraphy. Currently, synthetic threads are commonly used in the screen printing process.

The most popular mesh in general use is made of polyester.The bottle screen printing represents or informs mass people about the product quality and its utility. The new generation customers are searching the ingredients content at the product through the cover of the bottle for the welfare of health and lifestyle. It is necessary for captivate the very first impression of your product to the customers.

People like to study about the bowel of the food packages in front of them before eating or drinking them. A lucrative way of creating your product screen print may attract more customer attention. 

Another significant thing that you can attract most consumers through making waterproof bottle label because it may not be stuck to the surface when sticker comes in contact with water or humidity, which is very necessary for the long term promotion of your brand.You can know more information about bottle screen printing and bottle label printing from ONCE-TECH

On the other hand an environmental chamber also called a climatic chamber is an enclosure used to test the effects of specified environmental conditions on biological items, material, industrial products, and electronic devices and components. (You can know more information aboutenvironmental chamberfrom

The environmental chambers can stimulate various climatic conditions such as salt, dust, and rain to test accelerates aging. It is used to simulate how materials will react when exposed to changes in extreme climatic conditions such as a move from extremely cold in a very shorter period. Also, materials check in these conditions –

  • Sudden and extreme temperature variations.
  • Altitude
  • Relative humidity
  • Electrodynamics vibration
  • Electromagnetic radiation
  • Cyclic corrosion testing
  • Salt spray
  • Rain
  • Exposure to the sun for the check at UV degradation
  • A vacuum

Samples specimens or components are placed inside the chamber and monitor to one or more of these environmental parameters to determine the strength of the sample.

What are the Screen Printing and Environmental Chamber various design andworkflow?

There are many methods of screen printing. Some are described briefly in below
Roller Printing: It is a modern continuous printing technique also called engraves roller printing. In this method, the copper cylinder is engraved with the print design by stamp the diagram into the copper. It is suitable for complex designs.

Silk Screen Printing: Silk Screen Printing is the application of ink through a screen mesh and a stencil to allow the design to be transferred onto the object. It is better for a large order and ensures a long-lasting design. On the other site Environmental chamber design depends on test requirements. It may be simple or complex.

It varies widely in size, ranging from small units designed for placement of bench tops to large walk-in chambers. It has video feeds for visual inspection of the sample during the test. It is ranging from simple analog indicators up to modern digital readouts with LCD. The chamber may be web-enabled, computer programmable and networked test chambers.

What are the types of bottles for Screen Printing and types of test chambers for Environmental Chamber Machine? 

For better printing, you have to know bottle shape, bottle dimensions, the color of artwork and annual production. There is a brief description of bottle types for printing.
The circular screen printing machines can print on plastics (PP, PET, PE, HDPE, LDPE, and Tritan), metals (stainless steel, aluminum) and glass.

For bottle shapes, it can print on cylinder oval, square and another special shape.

Environmental Test Chambers types:

  • Cooled Test Chambers:
Mechanically cooled test chambers are designed for general purpose laboratory and product loading is relatively low. The temperature range is -40°C to -70°C.

  • Nitrogen Cooled Chambers:
Liquid nitrogen cooled test chambers product loading is relatively low and imperceptible evaporation of liquid nitrogen (LN2) is used for the cooling chambers.

  • Walk-in Chamber:
Modular Walk-in Chamber applies to aerospace products, information electronic instruments. It is usually used to examine the products in high and low temperatures, hot and humid environments, etc.