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Two hundred and thirty-five thousand people. 235,000!

This is the number of people who visit emergency rooms every year after suffering injuries in the bathroom, as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Most of these injuries are sustained during showering and bathing. According to a yearly survey conducted on the average time spent by a person in the washroom, daily varies from 1 hour 40 minutes to 2 hours 30 minutes.

Bathrooms and issues

The insanely high number of people falling in the bathroom is because most people take bathroom safety for granted. Injuries in the bathroom are not limited to any specific age group.

According to the New York Times, bathroom injuries peak after 85 years. However, injuries around the tub or shower are most common in the age group of 15 to 24. 

In the following read, we will not only talk about the importance of safety, but we will also investigate the measures we can take to enhance safety measures. It will help you in keeping yourself and your family safe. 

Measures to make the bathroom safer:

Floors should offer firm grip:

Bathroom floors get easily wet, which reduces friction and increases the possibility of falls. Smooth, slick, or glossy tiles are the worst option. Therefore, choosing grout line tiles or small floor tiles can help you get a better grip. The tiles inside the shower must be small, which offers enhanced friction. 

The mats are usually spread out in the center of the bathroom or outside the shower. These mats or rugs should be rubberized or include slip-resistant backing. 

Grab bars are essential:

Grab bars are generally part of the shower area, and it is an excellent idea. It helps people of all ages to stay safe even if they get imbalanced. It gets even more essential people above 50 or the ones having back problems to help them keep steady while walking on a slippery floor or taking a shower.

Temperature Control:

In this tech-driven world, there are multiple ways in which you can control the temperature of the water. Most of the water heaters are set at a high temperature of around 140 degrees. It can burn your skin in seconds and cause other damages.

Therefore, ensuring proper temperature control is important to ensure the safety of all the members of your family. Various valves like thermostatic and pressure balanced can be used for controlling temperature easily in showers and other water taps instantly. 

Good drain system:

The drain system is the most important feature in a bathroom. It should be given extra attention and care. Water gathering up at any spot can lead to multiple problems. Not only can it affect physical health but weaken the whole house structure.

Stagnated water can cause seepage, which can ruin the outlook along with the strength of the structure. If your drainage system gets clogged very frequently, then you might have to consider full bathroom redesign with a new drainage system. 

These problems arise in ancestral homes that are built years ago. The pipes get rusted, and drains gather fat and other elements that clog it. 

Shelf-a must part: 

People keep their toiletries, various hygiene or self-care machines, cleaning supplies, and medicines, which, if exposed to kids, can bring disastrous results. Therefore, it is important to have a shelf, cupboard, or any similar storage area for all these.

Most importantly, do not leave a child alone in a bath or shower. Their skin is more sensitive to burns and can experience many severe injuries as they can topple easily without being able to handle themselves. In worst cases, even drown in the bath.

The toilet:

Raising the toilet seat height can help in providing more balance and avoiding falls. Elevated toilet seats not only prevent falls but also give a more open, spacious look to your washroom. It also provides a chance for better cleaning options.

It helps in ensuring that your family stays safe from various germs and insects. The presence of insects can also cause injuries like insect bites, falls, allergies, and other similar injuries. 

How can your interior design influence your subconscious?

The interior design of the bathroom holds great importance in evoking positive or negative emotions. Taking a safety measure can protect you physically, but your mental health also requires safety. And, focusing on the interior can help you take care of mental health. 

An area that is usually ignored when considering mental health is the bathroom. Spending one hour every day in a place can have a huge psychological effect. Usually, the bathroom is a place where people express their true emotions like anger, sadness, anxiety, etc.

Therefore, the environment of your bathroom can impact deeply on mental safety, especially if you are sad or experiencing anxiety or any other problem. 

Therefore, when choosing a contractor to fix your bathroom, you should go for one who can offer you the most pleasing interior design options, and also, make your bathroom safe and secure.

From choosing the right color depending on your taste to the placement of ceramics, your bathroom should get the importance it deserves. Make sure to have open space to help you breathe freely without experiencing any sort of discomfort or claustrophobic experience. Lastly, add paint, plants, or any kind of d├ęcor to keep the place lively and vibrant. 


If you are planning to remodel your washroom to make it safe, the measures mentioned above can prove to be extremely helpful. The interior design of a certain place can impact a person in multiple ways, and the same goes for safety measures. 

Regularly, upgrading the interior or altering it can help in mood-lifting. Even with limited money, using creative techniques can help to remodel your bathroom, and nothing can stop from making your dream bathroom. 

However, you should ensure that the changes you make are adding the value of your home and are making it secure.