So, you’re set on paying a visit to the charming borough of Chatham, NJ. Or better yet, you’re planning to move here with your family.

Either way, you’re in for an adventure.

We know that being spontaneous is half the fun of any adventure, but planning goes a long way in saving you time. 

That’s why I’m here to help you prepare. Below, you’ll find my five favorite family activities in Chatham, NJ.

Go ahead and give them a read. When you’re looking for something fun to do, you’ll have five great ideas ready to go!

1. Chatham Borough Farmers Market

Family time, fresh air, and incredible produce. What could be better than that?

Go for a stroll with your family through the Chatham Borough Farmers Market. It hosts farmers that bring Jersey’s best organic fruits and vegetables to the table.

Even if you don’t want to buy anything, you’ll love the atmosphere.

The farmers market can function as a teachable moment for your kids. Show them all the hard work that farmers put in every year and what comes out of it. The fruits of their labor benefit a lot of people in so many ways.

Keep in mind that the Chatham Borough Farmers Market is only open from the third Saturday in June to the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Just think of how delicious your Thanksgiving dinner could be if you sourced it from here!

2. The Gravity Vault

If you’re looking for something a little more exciting, you should give rock climbing a try.

Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to find a cliff to hook up to.

The Gravity Vault is here to bring you all the fun of rock climbing, no matter your age or fitness level. They have something to offer everyone, making it the perfect place for a day of exhilarating family fun.

Sign your entire family up for beginner’s classes to get a good grip on how to climb. Or, if you already know what you’re doing, grab a couple of day passes and climb as much as your heart desires.

You can even level up your own expertise by learning to work the ropes for other people. 

For those of you who love staying healthy and being active, The Gravity Vault is the best place in Chatham to take your family. You’ll have a good time climbing to the top and watching your kids reach it as well!

3. Reeves-Reed Arboretum

Getting out in nature is easy when there’s a place like Reeves-Reed Arboretum for your family to explore. It’s 13.5 acres of grounds that are filled to the brim with beautiful gardens.

There’s so much to see, you’ll be able to fill an entire day with it.

You can stop by the three historic gardens — the azalea garden, the rose garden, and the rock garden — that maintain the look and feel they had when they were first planted. 

There are also two contemporary gardens. The Perennial Border has a concrete path to aid in mobility, and the Island Garden is a patch of land that features unusual plants.

Nearly six acres of the property is made up of woodlands. There are a number of walking trails that wind through the trees for you. As you wander, you will see wildflowers and rounded boulders left behind by a glacier retreating from New Jersey.

It’s a little paradise in the middle of the city!

4. The Village Play Cafe

Head on over to the Village Play Cafe and spend some fun time indoors.

This cute little play place is geared primarily toward children. It’s not just your typical indoor playground, though. Inside you’ll find a grocery store, a fire station, and a veterinary clinic ready to fuel their imaginations.

They can get active on the jungle gym and slides. Or, they can enjoy a little peace and quiet in the book nook. There, they’ll find books to read, puzzles to put together, and a train table to play with. There are even sensory toys to explore.

If you have teeny-tiny ones, there’s an enclosed baby area for them to have their own safe, developmental fun.

And don’t forget the cafe. Right inside the entrance, you will see bistro seating and a lounge area. The cafe serves gourmet coffee and tea, as well as snacks for you and your little ones to enjoy.

5. Chatham Borough Recreational Parks

We’ll take you outdoors once again for the last entry on our list.

Who doesn’t love going to the park?

In Chatham, there are four recreational parks, as well as a park with a few sports fields to host games. 

Shepard Kollock Park has a playground, a walking trail, and a boat launch. Memorial Park has a playground and a public swimming pool where you can swim. All four parks have picnic areas where you can enjoy a family lunch.

If you’re looking for recreational activities to sign up for, they’ve got you covered.

Chatham has all kinds of recreation programs you can join, such as basketball, softball, soccer, and tennis. There’s something for everyone in your family!

In Conclusion

There are a ton of ways to enjoy quality time with your family in Chatham, NJ. These are my five favorite activities, but they aren’t the only ones.

Get out and explore and, more than anything else, have fun!

Author Bio:
Angus Flynn is the Business Manager for Chatham on Main. With over five years of experience in the multifamily housing industry, he is one of the most dedicated managers in his field. He loves to help others and takes great pride in working in a community that so many love to call home.