Escape rooms have become very popular and you can find them almost anywhere. There is a wide range of themes to choose from with challenging clues to discover. The team can consist of up to 8 players and they need to unlock codes to find their way to escape. 

As people, we love solving mysteries and always wonder what’s happening next. When we sit in front of the TV and watch our favorite shows, we try to guess what the character will do next. We believe we have the solution for the dilemma they are facing and even get into a debate. Escape rooms are exactly that a mystery we are excited to solve. We will now dive into 5 facts that you may not know about:

Japan invented the escape room

The Japanese were the first to open escape rooms in 2007. They love difficult challenges and testing themselves. The popular TV show ninja warrior is a clear example. A company named SCRAP was inspired to create the rooms from the game called Crimson Room. The idea is almost the same as the game. The game requires players to use characters and solve puzzles. Escape rooms are a fun experience that is enjoyed by friends, family, and colleagues. 

America Has the Most Rooms

Escape rooms are globally loved. Japan and England were the first to have rooms and they exploded in those countries. Once American’s understood this newfound craze, they began opening in every state. Colorado is the state with the most rooms as of 2019. 

Prison and Zombie Escape Are Popular Themes

Escape room Glasgow is theme-based, and they are always coming up with new rooms. The missions, puzzles, and mysteries are changed up to keep it more exciting. With that being said, there is a love for prison, and zombie escapes. Could it be that these types of TV shows and movies are so popular at the moment? That all remains a mystery. 

The escape rooms have understood the need, and there is usually an option to break out of jail. Different facts are involved. Sometimes it’s the government, sometimes it’s from an insane family member—the list is endless. Amaze Room Escape offers you the chance to break out of a high-security prison with your brother. 

A Great Team Can Help You Escape

A great team is not about who you know or who’s the most popular. The best team comprises a set of people with different skills, such as a creative thinker, and perhaps a member who thinks outside the box, someone good at math, et cetera. Each person that you bring with you should be different and unique. However, they must work well with you to solve all the clues. You only have one hour to escape, so pick wisely. 

An Innovative Way of Informing Us About the Upcoming Series and Movies

Car companies have used this strategy to promote their cars. A major film production used an escape room to film its horror movie. The rooms are a great way to create new memories for us. The idea to use it for a movie or promotion is very clever. If you have ever been to an escape room, you already know that it’s an unforgettable experience. Companies are using those same tactics for you not to forget their product, or movie, by being filmed inside.