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We've all slipped and fallen at some point in our lives and in most cases, we simply get up, brush ourselves down, and try not to be affected by the creeping embarrassment that comes with it. However, there are some instances where slipping, tripping, or falling in a public place is more than embarrassing. It can actually have dire consequences.

Devastating injuries, time off work, sky-high medical bills, and significant damage to your finances and stability, a slip and fall isn't something you can always brush off and walk away from. Can you sue a city like New York? However, cities and local authorities are responsible for the safety of everyone in their vicinity, so if you’re injured and it isn’t your fault, you may want to speak with a slip and fall accident lawyers in Phoenix.

Here we’ll look at 4 steps to take when you’ve slipped and fallen in a public place.

Ensure you receive medical treatment.

You’re probably feeling a vast array of emotions right now. However, the most important thing you can do is seek medical attention and preserve your health. Ensure you see a doctor as soon as possible, so your injuries can be assessed and a care plan can be created for you. These medical reports can also be used as evidence if you choose to file for a personal injury claim. 

Report what has happened.

Regardless of where the accident occurred, whether on uneven paving stones, an open drain or grate, or something similar, you should report the incident to the relevant city department, body, or council as soon as possible. This ensures that both parties have an official record of what happened. You should also have a copy of this report.

Proof is everything

Just like in any court case, you will need evidence to back up your claims. In a personal injury case, you’ll need to speak to witnesses who saw what happened and get their contact details. You should also take photographs of where the accident occurred e.g. cracked paving stones, icy steps, etc. Write down how the incident occurred and how you fell. 

Avoid discussing your case.

You may be approached by the other party to discuss the case. You should decline to comment and forward any queries or communications to your lawyer. You should also avoid talking about your case on social media.