Every day, thousands of new accounts are being created in many freelancing marketplaces such as Upwork, Guru, and Behance. This trend is expected to grow as more people continue to discover the benefits of working offsite. Even economic experts agree that freelancers are the movers of the labor market, which changes the future of doing business.

As freelancing becomes the new trend, its growth becomes both a blessing and a curse to many newbie freelancers. It is a blessing in the sense that they can expect more jobs with better pay, and a curse because they will enter a world with heavy competition. The challenges are real as every freelancer is upgrading his skill to become indispensable, which makes it even harder for newbies to get noticed.

There are accomplished freelancers today who didn’t surrender to those challenges. They weathered every difficulty and kept on chasing their dreams until they reach the pinnacle of success. Today, they serve as a role model to other freelancers, doing their best to inspire others to keep moving.
If you feel down because it seems like your career got stuck in quicksand, don’t give up just yet. You can learn valuable insights from these three must-read freelancer success stories:

Tom Morkes

Tom Morkes is the founder of Insurgent Publishing, the consultancy firm that helps authors and startup companies launch strategic book marketing campaigns. He also specializes in creating comprehensive sales funnel development and effective strategies for outreach and promotions.
Just like other freelancers, creating his own business never crossed Tom’s mind. He had a short stint in the US Army, and he initially thought of becoming a lawyer while in college. Since becoming a lawyer is a big commitment, he decided to take a break and travel the world.

Travelling made him realize that he could use a lot of his time exploring other countries and embracing new cultures. He came back, finished his studies, and much as he loved traveling, he had to stop because of his ballooning debts. Then, he discovered that he could write, and he used this talent toself-publish his books while he travels. That made him so dedicated to becoming a full-time freelancer and traveler at the same time. He established a creative agency that performs exceptionally well up to this day.

Just like other freelancers, Tom was clouded by doubts because nobody knew him in the industry. There were days when he wanted to quit because he was not sure if his book would sell. But he took the risk, and it paid off. Today, Tom is a sought-after consultant for many publishing companies and freelancers who want to self-publish their works.

Louis Grenier

Louis Grenier helps businesses convert their page visitors into satisfied customers. He took the brave leap of leaving his full-time job recently to launch his own company. His business didn’t do well initially, but after making a few tweaks, it managed to start gaining momentum.

When Louis decided to leave his job, all he wanted was to work at home doing automated marketing campaigns for online retailers. He made a lot of mistakes along the way, mainly because he didn’t ask for help from the experts. He wanted to do everything by himself, and it cost him a lot. Louis didn’t consider partnering with someone more knowledgeable than him because of his ego. For him, everything could be learned, and asking help from others was a sign of weakness.

Then it hit him hard. He wasn’t satisfied being a freelancer because he didn’t know what he was doing in the first place. It turned out that converting online guests to prospects wasn’t his strongest skill. He accepted the fact that he needed to upskill his talent, so he searched for companies to help him refocus his strategies.

Through his friend working as an SEO expert in Dublin, he learned how to do the conversions the right way. Instead of targeting online retailers, he focused on businesses that rely heavily on their websites to generate sales or leads. From a struggling freelancer who only wanted to make a decent living, Louis is now running his successful firm that helps various companies with SEO tasks.

Mike Volkin

If you are going to search popular freelancers on Google, Mike Volkin will more than likely show up. Mike is known as the King of Freelancing because of his unparalleled expertise in marketing and being an entrepreneur. This makes him a magnet for many companies. His sterling career is highlighted by many accolades he has received, which includes becoming a member of Forbes Coaches Council and being featured on the homepage of Upwork.com.

Aside from providing consultancy services, Mike is also a talented public speaker and writer. As an entrepreneur coach, he serves as a mentor and speaker for many events. Last year, he was chosen by Upwork as its model of success where they used images of him for their national marketing campaigns.

Mike’s success didn’t come overnight. He served in the Army for 8 years, an experience that helped him a lot during his early career as an entrepreneur. He started freelancing over a decade ago and learned how to get his first client. He didn’t have a goal or a sense of direction regarding his career, but he knew that he had the desire to take his career to a higher level. He needed a guide or mentor, and they were hard to find.

Mike’s initial projects failed. He took note of what went wrong and through countless trial and error experiments, he developed better strategies to rectify his mistakes.

Today, Mike developed a course dedicated to freelancers. His Freelancer Masterclass course is a compilation of the best practices that he used to become a sought-after freelancer. He banked on his professional knowledge and experiences to come up with a valuable step-by-step guide to help freelancers of all levels become successful as well.