The Mazda 6 is one of the most best selling sedans in Australia for several good reasons. Not only does it offer immense value for money, it also incorporates several industry-leading features that let it compete even with sedans above its price point.

We’ve laid out some of the Mazda 6’s most notable features below. If you’re already looking for the nearest dealership with a Mazda 6 for sale Perth residents can trust, you might want to read on before you decide to go on a test drive.


Mazda’s engineers improved upon the things that made the previous generations of Mazda 6 so popular with Australian drivers. All 2020 models have 6-speed automatic transmission and are powered by updated versions of Mazda’s SkyActiv engines. Everything is meticulously calibrated to give a zippy yet refined driving experience.

Most notably, all 2020 Mazda 6 models incorporate industry-leading safety features with a surprising amount of automation. The proprietary Mazda i-ACTIVSENSE® technology includes pedestrian detection, blind-spot monitoring, smart braking, and radar cruise control. Meanwhile, one interesting optional feature are a set of adaptive LED headlamps, which adjust the light field automatically to prevent oncoming drivers from getting blinded. However, this feature is only available for the higher-end GT and Atenza trim levels. 


The Mazda 6 incorporates a few superficial elements typical of European sedans but it still stays true to the dynamic and slightly edgy Mazda visual style. It’s as big as you would expect for a mid-sized sedan and it can comfortably fit four adult passengers plus the driver with no issue. 

The interiors are also styled in a minimalist but distinct fashion, as is typical for the current generation of the Mazda 6. Premium materials are used throughout and all trim levels of the Mazda 6 feature an attention to detail more often seen in luxury sedans. All in all, the Mazda 6 gives an impression of a car sold at a higher price point.


The latest versions of the SkyActiv engines can be found under the hood of every Mazda 6 variant for 2020. The Mazda 6 line has always been known for excellent acceleration and handling and the current line-up improves on these qualities even further. 

The Mazda 6 still offers an excellent and complete driving experience. Unlike many other modern sedans that seem to disconnect you from the feel of the road, the Mazda 6 retains the feedback that serious drivers crave. But it’s not so much that it’s completely inaccessible to casual motorists. In other words, the Mazda 6 is a lot of fun to drive.


All the different Mazda 6 types available for 2020 are powered either by an air-aspirated or turbocharged variant of the 2.5L SkyActiv-G petrol engine or a 2.2L SkyActiv-D twin-turbo diesel engine. This gives all variants of the current Mazda 6 excellent acceleration and overall responsiveness, which is always good to have. The current crop of SkyActive engines also boast significantly improved fuel efficiency and reliability compared with the already excellent previous generations.


The different available trim levels of the new Mazda 6 come with a wide range of accessories. Naturally, the higher-end versions will have deluxe features, such as heated seats. Depending on the trim level you choose, you can get heated or ventilated front seats, 360-degree view monitors, alloy wheels, a Bose audio system, and other entertainment options. Even if you do go with the base model, there are still a number of upgrades you can get to better match your needs.


While it’s a bit too early to make any generalisations about the 2020 Mazda 6 line-up, maintenance should be straightforward. The previous years’ models of the Mazda 6 have had an excellent reputation for ease of maintenance and reliability. Given that the 2020 Mazda 6 models are incremental iterations of the same generation, we can reasonably assume that they should hold up with regards to maintenance.

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The Mazda 6 delivers plenty of value and it does it with style. With its advanced safety features, dynamic yet understated aesthetic, and unrivalled driving experience, the Mazda 6 doesn’t lag behind the competition. There’s plenty to like, regardless of whether you simply need something to get you to different places or are a dyed-in-the-wool driving enthusiast.

If you’re interested in finding trusted Mazda 6 for sale Perth dealers or learning more about the different options available for the Mazda 6, check out Melville Mazda today.