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If you work in an automotive business where there's a regular turnover of cars being bought and sold, then you'll know that the proper organization is everything. From a smaller independent garage to a large car-selling franchise, proper key management is vital to make sure that there are no mistakes, mix-ups, or losses as cars come and go. Key tags are a simple and effective way to ensure that all vehicles and their keys can be quickly identified with no issues. 

A classic moment when this is useful is when a customer shows initial interest in two to three cars and would like to see them. To ensure good customer experience, you need to be able to identify the keys for each vehicle quickly. If you spend ten minutes looking for the correct key, then you may have already lost the sale. The worst-case scenario is that there's a key mix-up upon the sale of a car. If a set of keys are mixed up, and an incorrect spare key is given, for example, this is going to cause a significant headache.

A good tagging system for your keys will make your life significantly easier with relatively little effort or investment. There are a couple of options you should consider when setting up your tagging system. With every decision you make, think about how your tagging system can speed up the way you do business with easy to read tags that can be created and used in a way that supports you. This is just one part of organizing your car dealership, and you can find out more great tips here

Self-protecting tags are a good choice if you work in a garage that works on used cars, and keys may get dirty with oil and residue. Self-protecting tags come with a laminated film over the information about the car the keys belong to. This means you can add all of the information you need about the details of the car without it being rubbed off, and they can be easily cleaned. These come with clear areas that you can add information like if it's new or used, what the stock ID of the car is when it was made, and the make, number, and model of the car. 

Another good option is the Consecu-Tag, which you can find here: These come with both a self-protecting tag, as well as a window sticker, which is durable enough that it can be stuck onto a car without fear of it coming off, but can also be easily removed once a car is sold. The window sticker and key tag have the same information on them to ensure that the details are correct, and to make sure that keys are quickly identifiable with the car it belongs to. Also, check Beautiful Garage Doors For Your House.

If you need a more simple and cost-effective option, then try arrow key tags. These don't have the same laminated finish as self-protecting tags, but can be easily written on with any pen or pencil, making them a very convenient option.