Stunning rose gold dresses, the shade has been a fashion favourite for quite some time now and it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon! Once you have a dress in this universally flattering hue tucked in your wardrobe, you’ll need to learn to style it in as many ways as possible – that way you’re going to get maximum wear out of your gorgeous piece. A few amazing rose gold styling ideas to try out at your next big event include…

Gold Accents
Shimmering rose gold is its own kind of beautiful but that doesn’t mean that it can’t positively shine when paired with gold – these tones are from the same family, after all. Match rose gold with an antique bronze gold hue, anything that’s too yellow just won’t work as well as it could. Add chunky gold earrings, a shining pendant, gold glitter eyeshadow and faux-snakeskin gold strappy heels for a warm, goddess-like get-up.

Colour Contrast
Adding a colour contrast is hands down the simplest way of completely switching up the vibe of a dress. This can be gorgeously subtle or totally transformative, depending on your desired effect. Rose gold has a pretty pink undertone to it, meaning it contrasts beautifully with the likes of navy, forest green and bright tomato red. You can channel this with your jewellery either with gemstones or resin accents, then add shoes and a subtle clutch in a matching shade. Keep hair and makeup relatively simple to avoid overpowering the look.

Undertone Clash
Rose gold definitely leans on the warmer side of the undertone scale, and because of this, it can look pretty amazing when clashed with silver accents. This is creative and unexpected, so perfect for the woman who wants to stand out in the crowd! Jewellery and makeup are the best way to subtly introduce cooler undertones, silver is the most natural choice, but you could also go for gunmetal grey or pewter for something a little different.

Texture Detailing
Mixing textures is a great way of adding a new vibe to your dress without going too crazy. This will really depend on your rose gold dress’ fabric to begin with, but the gist of it is to introduce at least two new textures to your get-up. Think of adding pieces like woven shoes, macramé or velvet bags, resin or metal jewellery, lace or silk shawls – anything to bring some excitement and interest to your dress will work perfectly.

Dark Romantic
Rose gold is completely ideal for pulling off that moody romantic look that has been all the rage for the past few seasons. Use chic, muted tones and elegant enhancements such as velvet headbands, lace shawls, layered beaded jewellery and dark burgundy lipstick. Twist your hair into a loose braid and step into some low-heeled mules to finish off your outfit flawlessly.

Monochromatic outfits are often saved for the likes of neutral and black, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give it a try with your rose gold frock! Choose matte pink accessories to emphasise the delicate rose hue of your dress. Play with the tone in your makeup and slide in a couple of tortoise hair clips to break up the look in a subtle and neutral way.

Winter Warmer Eveningwear 
You can absolutely wear that rose gold dress of yours for an evening out on the town during wintertime! For a more formal look, add a glamorous faux-fur coat or oversized leather jacket. Embellish with chunky hoop earrings and swipe on a dark lip to tie it together. If you want something a little more casual, consider layering your favourite chunky crew neck knit jumper, add knee-high socks and ankle boots. A silky rose gold slip will work amazingly with both of these outfits.

Ready to style your dress? All of these are super fun, easy and don’t have to cost an arm and a leg! The best thing about switching up your dress with accessories is that they’re often cheap, cheerful and very interchangeable.