You’re starting a new business or your old one is growing fast, you’re in need of security service and don’t have any idea about how this industry works? Don’t worry, this post will walk you through all the essentials to consider before you hire a security guard for office building in Houston TX.

Without knowing what exactly you need to observe in service provider, one can be easily convinced by offers that sounds amazing and great to have, but in reality, they are not useful at all. With countless options of companies out there, selection process can become even more difficult. Therefore, you need to be sure about everything thing about a company and your requirement.

Hiring the wrong service will not only cause frustration and lose, but also leave your business exposed to vulnerabilities while the working and non-working hours. 

Know your business’ security needs

One should start by evaluating own company needs. Have a complete plan of specific security concerns of your venture, including location and surrounding environment will give you complete idea of what exactly you need. No matter what you are hiring for, whether it’s a plant, office block, during a brand opening or as a watchman, security guard is usually first and last people coming and going see.

security needs

Evaluate the companies out there

Once the self-evaluation is complete, you can start searching for Office Building Security companies out there. You can start off by asking the people around you. It’s possible that a landlord, neighboring business, or fellow business owner has also hired an international security firms, giving them the experience needed to form an informed recommendation.

You can also ask people following you on social media for references. Read reviews and testimonials of former customers of the company.

Once you make a list of companies, start reaching out to each of them and engage them in conversations about your business over phone, scrutinize companies with satisfying customer support and set meeting with those companies separately. Now here are some questions to ask from them during interview for deciding whether to hire or not.

Does this company have experience working with same business niche?

Various Companies have Security Guards with different skillsets and knowledge that make them suited to differing types of offices and environments. Same is the case with all security companies. Although many of them start call at certain industries then expand out into others, most have a tendency to rent Security guard with only a single set of experience and work for only that sort of client.

A company that has experience protecting bars and nightclubs is usually getting to hire a bar bouncer or nightclub type Security Guard. They’re going to have a really different skill set and training from what’s needed in, say in a grade school environment. Similarly, a hotel lobby will have very different watchman needs from a warehouse distribution center.

When evaluating a service, you would like to be sure they work with clients with businesses almost like yours, whether it’s an equivalent size, type or industry.

Is it a locally owned company?

Make sure to ask if the Service provider has clients within the same area of the town as your building. This will be a serious advantage because the guard(s) are going to be more conversant in the safety issues and risks in that particular area.

If you select an Office Building Security company that has multiple locations in your city, you’ll know they're also likely to possess additional security guards, supervision and built-in reinforcements close by.

For example, if the corporate is additionally protecting the building across the road, you recognize they’ll be paying more attention to your block and your neighborhood than a corporation that’s never operated in your neighborhood before.

Make sure the company is insured and certified

insured and certified

When it comes to a security guard working for your business, his life in certain cases might be endangered and threatened. As the watchman has to deal with thieves and robbers which includes using weapons. The company you hire has to be certified and the security guards needs to be insured for compensation and liability so, you don’t get held up responsible in case of an incident.

Also make sure that insurance has both party coverage so you don’t face loses. 


This evaluation should assist you to narrow down your options making it easier to seek out the proper fit your business. Once you’ve selected a final option, post can assist you to obviously understand and communicate expectations up front.