Roof Replacement

Replacing a roof is a detailed process. At Foleys Roofing, we use a comprehensive roof replacement process and follow each step to the letter to come up with a functional roof that’ll protect your home for many eons to come. In this article, we break down our roof replacement Atlanta process so that you can understand what goes into building a roof. 

Property Protection

Before we proceed with the actual replacement, we first protect the entire property using tarps and protection plywood to prevent damage. Property protection involves protecting walls, siding, bushes, plants, and so much more. We do this to ensure nothing will harm your building while the replacement is underway. 

Old Roofing Material Scrapping

To pave the way for wood decking inspection, we completely remove old shingles in the roof. Then, our technicians at Foleys Roofing carry out a thorough assessment of the wood decking and—if necessary—replace wet or rotten wood to create a solid base for the structure. Having a solid base for your roofing structure is vital for the shingles to stay intact. 

Wood Sheeting Inspection

At Foleys Roofing in Essex, our roofers also inspect the wood sheeting to ensure it is properly joined to the roof rafters. Missing nails are also re-nailed before new shingles are installed. The whole wood decking is re-nailed to ensure the roof is fully secured and to eliminate the likelihood for bumps on your roof in the future. 

Getting the Roof Ready for Shingles

Preparing the roof surface for shingles is an in depth process involving drip edge installation, ice and water shield installation, and roofing felt installation. Drip edge is installed at all edges of the roof to prevent rain from seeping into the roofing material on all edges. Ice and water shield is a form of roofing underlayment whose function is to prevent any water leaks. 

Usually, ice and water shield is installed beneath the roof and at all roof penetrations, such as roof connections, pipe flanges, chimney, and more. Once the ice and water shield has been applied, we cover the rest of the roof with heavy-duty roofing felt. Roofing felt installation is intended to prevent shingles from getting glued to the wood. 

Installation of New Roofing Material

A new roofing material can only be installed once the base is fully prepared and ready. In this step, our roofing technicians at Foleys Roofing in Essex lay out the new roofing material, starting from the bottom going upward. 

We follow up the roofing material installation with ridge vent installation, counter flashing installation, and ridge capping installation to realize a more secure home.

Site Cleanup & Final Inspection

We do not leave your site until it is cleaned up and looks spotless. As a matter of fact, we leave your job site cleaner than we found it. After cleaning up your job site, we perform a meticulous inspection of the roofing replacement project to ensure everything is in order. Post-roofing inspection is done to make sure that your roofing replacement meets your needs and complete satisfaction. 

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