Solar Film

Solar window wraps are an excellent investment to consider long-term. The period it lasts are contingent on various factors. One factor would be the brand type. Solar window films are manufactured by different suppliers. Not every supplier provides equal quality. Just like buying a car, or a roof, or any other long-term investment, each product runs or operates in its own unique way. 

Quality And Longevity

Each product is developed with a specific purpose in mind. Doing some research and having a clear understanding about the product you’re intending to buy is essential. Not every brand offers the same quality, performs equally or lasts as long. The same is true when choosing window film. Quality directly impacts the lifespan of your solar wrap. 


For solar wrap to operate as intended, the installation process makes a difference. It has to be installed correctly. Some consumers are looking to save some money and choose to buy and install the product themselves. However, there are certain risks associated with DIY installation. When film is not prepped, cut, cured and installed properly, you will not get a return on your investment and the money will be wasted. Using a professional to do van wrapping and signwriting to your specifications and installing your film is essential. By making use of a reputable agency with the necessary experience and knowledge can ensure you’re buying the best product that will last longer. Most professionals offer a warranty which is useful.

After Care

Finally, how you’re taking care of the window film will also have an impact on the longevity of the product. After installation, the film goes through a curing process that involves drying and ultimately adhering to the glass. Any disruption during the curing phase could lead to issues. Once window film is cured, the caring process is relatively straightforward, however make sure you’ve familiarized yourself with the care instructions beforehand. Avoid using an abrasive product when cleaning windows with film installation. Just like anything else that you own, the better you take care of it, the longer it will last. Instead of using a sponge, rather opt for a textured cloth to clean it.


Truthfully speaking, the lifespan of the film is relative since it is dependent on numerous factors. If you’ve purchased a quality product and hired a professional company to take care of the installation, and you’ve familiarized and incorporated care requirements as specified, there’s no reason why the product won’t last for a few decades. Solar window films have a life expectancy of up to thirty years. The warranties provided on the product usually cover it for a lifetime of at least ten to fifteen years. This is why it can be a highly worthwhile investment. If you’re considering the application of solar window film, be sure to contact a professional supplier about the choices and brands available to you. They can provide you with some recommendations that will suit your needs best.