San Francisco is known as one of the most expensive cities in the country and a typical day out on the town could cost you no less than $50. This makes it difficult to spend extended amount of time in the city without going way over budget. However, there are many places you can go to in San Francisco on a budget.

Things to do on a budget in SF

1.       You can visit Golden Gate Park which is one of the places that you will be able to spend an entire day. You can get lost in the park on a sonny day or picnic at an ideal spot. They have a children’s playground with a carousel buffalo at the Bison Padlock, a rose garden, Kezar Stadium, Stow Lake, waterfalls and Dutch windmills. In August at the park, you can enjoy the Outside Lands Music Festival free if you stand outside the venue. There are many museums that you can visit in Golden Gate Park on certain days of the week.

2.       You could also check for shared or private rooms that allow you to co-live with other tourists during your time there. This is much cheaper than regular accommodation and will allow you to experience living in the better parts of SF at affordable prices.

3.       You can visit the City Lights Bookstore located on Columbus Avenue in San Francisco. This is a must-see if you are in the area. Columbus Avenue runs through North Beach and is a beautiful street. The first place you should stop by is City Lights Bookstore which has its roots in the Beat Generation. The murals outside are also a must-see. If you walk a couple of blocks down to Washington Square Park you will be able to admire the Saints Peter and Paul Church. Here you will also find Tony’s Pizza is one of San Francisco’s best Pizzeria. If you continue to walk a couple more blocks north you will find Lombard Street which is one of the windiest streets in the world, a definite must-see.

4.       You should also visit Dolores Park which is one of the best parks in SF. It recently underwent reconstruction which adds to its quality. The view of downtown is amazing and the people there have lots of fun. You can bring a frisbee or a football and enjoy the outdoors. You can also locate the coconut rum man if you are over 21 and would like to try some. Bi-rite sells the best ice cream in the country if you are up to it. 

5.       Visit Haight-Ashbury which was the birthplace of the hippie movement in San Francisco. It is a historical location and is perfect if you are on a budget. There are lots of things to do without spending much money. One of these things is to go record-hunting at Amoeba, another is to visit Charles Mason’s house and the Grateful Dead house, both are situated near Haight and Ashbury Street.

There are plenty of things you can do on a budget in Sf if you look out for daily deals and plan on spending lots of time enjoying nature and the outdoors.