sell my motorhome

Being an avid traveller and motorhome lover is great, but sometimes there comes a time when you may be thinking “I need to sell my motorhome, but how much is it worth?”

Whether it’s because you’re packing up with motorhomes for good, or just because you’re ready to upgrade to a newer model, getting a good price for your motorhome is essential to the selling process. Stick with us through this article and we will give you some pointers to finding out how much your motorhome is worth.

Talk to other motorhome owners

If you own a motorhome, the likelihood is that you know other motorhome owners too, having a chat with them can be a great start. Even if you don’t personally know any other motorhome owners, you can contact clubs and I’m sure they would be more than happy to help with your queries. Talking to people is great because you get real information from real life situations. If you ask your friends/clubs about any previous deals that they have made, or any offers that they have received, this can give you a really good indication of how much your motorhome may be worth. If you are lucky, they might even be able to put you in contact with a buyer!

Search the web

In this day and age, there isn’t much that you can’t find with a quick search of the web. This includes finding out the value of your motorhome. Doing a search for things such as 

“motorhome valuations” should give you a quick fire way of finding out a price for your motorhome. You can get instant valuations which is of course a great thing when you are looking for a quick turnover for your vehicle. 

Another handy way to compare prices of similar motorhomes is to simply type in the model and year of the one that you want to sell. By doing this you can see the prices that other people are selling the same motorhome for. This allows you to compare the extra features and the condition of your motorhome, and give your own value to your vehicle. If your motorhome is slightly older, there may be less people selling them on the internet, so it might take a little more effort from your searches, maybe take a look at similar motorhomes, if you can’t find the exact same model and year as your own.

Talk to motorhome dealers

If there’s anybody that can give you a proper valuation on your motorhome, it’s probably a motorhome dealer! Many dealers will have access to price guides, which means that they will probably line up pretty well with the industry standard. Just remember, these are only guidelines, and different dealers may give you a different value. If you have time, shop around, asking more dealers for more prices gives you a better chance of working out the best price. Find a price in the middle of the number of quotes you’ve been given and you may be on to a winner.

Read automotive and travel publications

In the motorhome industry, there are lots of publications such as magazines. These magazines and news publications will often have classified adverts in them, for people selling their motorhomes. Getting on board with these magazines can be a great way to find a good value for your motorhome. These are real people offering genuine prices, so you know it can be trusted. Pick up a few different issues to see how price trends change and see if you can find the perfect price for your motorhome.

Some examples of motorhome magazines are:
  • Practical Motorhome
  • MMM - The Motorhomers’ Magazine
  • What Motorhome

Revisit who you bought your motorhome from

If you bought your vehicle from a smaller-scale producer, it may be worth going back to them. If it is not a popular brand of motorhome you may struggle to find a lot of them to compare the price with. If you go back to the producer/dealer of your motorhome, they may be able to point you in the right direction and give you a good idea of what it would be worth. They may also be willing to buy it back off of you, which is great, as you have dealt with this person before, meaning you probably have some trust between you.

Now we have given you some tips about finding the right valuation for your motorhome, we hope that you can come away from this feeling more knowledgeable and ready to sell your motorhome for the right price.