Cheltenham Festival

The 2020 Cheltenham Festival is here again and, as always, it will see the most beautiful racehorses in Britain and Ireland compete against each other. With over 28 races spanning four days, there is much to enjoy and the possibility to make some money if you fancy placing a bet. The team of organisers wishes for all racegoers to have rich experience. They also expect patrons to feast on the top-class races that feature each day. Racegoers, on the other hand, have to know and understand specific rules and protocols to have a fantastic time at Cheltenham. So if you are heading to the races, here are some top tips.

Dress code

This is a chance to show your fashion style and class as you move among equestrian racing royalty. With the unpredictability of the weather, racegoers are advised to dress accordingly. The basic style for ladies may include hats. Gentlemen may don suits or something along those lines in the Club Enclosure and hospitality facilities like the restaurant and others. Ideally, smart is the preferred style. With the patrons in mind, the organisers have ensured some shops can provide racegoers with the appropriate fashion options. Also, there are varied items in children’s accessories and artworks. 

The Shopping Village is accessible only to the Club and Tattersall racegoers. Cheltenham Festival Races is a highly classy event; hence individuals in clothing that is perceived as distasteful or offensive may be declined entry. Also, fancy dress is not allowed in the Club Enclosure.

Cheltenham Racecourse Enclosures

Cheltenham has three enclosures namely; Club, Tattersalls and Best Mate. Each enclosure promises racegoers a perch to view in real-time, memorable events this festival has to offer. The Club is the most premium enclosure that gives users access to all the areas the course has to offer. Tattersalls is a mix for those looking to have a middle ground between the Club and Best Mate enclosures. Best Mate is the budget enclosure, but that does not dilute the view and atmosphere the Racecourse has to offer.

Food and Drinks

What is a sporting event without a good mix of food and drinks? Cheltenham Festival Races takes care of your nutrition by making available multiple movable catering units in each enclosure. Menus that feature include; the classic British staple of fish and chips. Burgers, hog roasts, sandwiches and pizza are also available. Hot and cold drinks are available. The sweet tooth is not left out as a variety of snacks and treats are available. As mentioned above the foods are made for you, so those with gluten issues are catered for. The mobile units may change locations based on the events and other policies. Note that bringing in your alcohol is strictly frowned upon, and if found, you will be restricted from future events. Visitors will, however, be limited to a maximum of four alcoholic drinks at a time. Outside food and beverages are not permitted on site. Users of the Club and Tattersall Enclosures are prohibited from taking food, drinks and other accessories inside.


Cheltenham Festival races promise to be memorable. Racegoers should, therefore, make use of this chance to be a part of history. The experience is maximised if you are well prepared and have a fair idea of what where and who is. Also, following rules and regulations of the Racecourse makes it better. These tips and more are guaranteed to give a world-class experience.


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