If you are asking this question then you are interested in learning Guitar. Which is an amazing thing as it would transform your whole life for sure. Guitars have the magical ability to mesmerize the one playing it and also the ones hearing it. Although there are many guitars available online and offline, and there are also plenty of online guitar tuner available to make your task easy of learning guitars. But the selection of your first guitar is of paramount importance in your guitar learning journey. In Fact it is the first major step towards mastering guitar.

If you do this step correctly then the half battle is already won. After you have successfully done this step correctly. You simply need to sit down, tune up as needed and you’re off to wherever your ears and fingers take you. Some of the best available Guitars for beginners in market are:

1. Yamaha F310: 

This is the first and personal favorite. I personally started learning Guitar with F310. This is a very good guitar for the starting out because the neck is a lot smaller than other guitars and it gives out a great sound, and not to mention that it is available at a very cheap price. It would be a great selection for starting your musical journey.

2. Squier SA-105 Acoustic Guitar:

This model is very good for a beginner. This guitar has been modeled on the “classic” dreadnought shape and will give you a warm rounded tone created by the laminated spruce top and laminated back and sides. It houses a nato neck holding a rosewood fingerboard that your fingers will glide across in no time. It also has quality chrome tuning pegs to ensure full tuning control. In short a perfect selection for beginning your guitar lessons.

3. Yamaha Fs100c Acoustic Guitar

This is last but definitely not the least. It is a great sounding guitar with not so high bass but great treble and mid sound. This gives the guitar a great folk-like texture. The weight is quite less yet the sound is awesome. Action has been intact till now and I hope it remains the same way for a long time. A good entry-level guitar with a big brand name.

You can go with any of the three. I will strongly recommend starting with some local cheap Guitar. Learn a bit, if it interests you further, then go for buying these. As the initial learning phase of anything is a bit rigorous and boring, you will constantly lose your interest while in the budding phase. 

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Guitar learning is not something you can learn overnight. It needs major practice and also patience. The initial phase and time is very important and maximum focus should be given in the initial phase of your learning. If you have selected your first guitar correctly then you get a great start. Learning and practicing would be fruitful only if the selection of the instruments is correct.