Good Places

England is replete with places which, for one reason or another, offer excellent quality of life for residents. If you’re considering a move, whether from elsewhere in the country, or from outside of it, then things like the Halifax Quality of Life Survey are sure to provide inspiration. Surveys of this sort take into account life expectancy, exam results, reported happiness, and average earnings. In total, twenty-six different things were factored into the calculation.

Of course, the extent to which these factors are weighted relies a great deal on subjective interpretation. Still, we can glean a good impression of where the best places in the UK to live are to be found. The short answer is that most of the top five are on the outskirts of London, or to the south of it, in the home counties, and thus they’re largely reflected in house prices.

East Hertfordshire

At the very top of the list comes East Hertfordshire, where 97% of residents reported being in good health. It’s not all about money – though it does play a significant role, with this being the 12th highest local authority anywhere in Britain when it comes to earnings.


Fareham is a vibrant little town best known for a succession of different markets and a pedestrianised central shopping area. There are more than three-hundred shops, cafes and restaurants, and a bustling local scene for music.


Also in Hampshire is Hart, a district named after the local river. It’s among the wealthiest areas in the country, according to a study in 2015 which labelled it the least deprived place to live. It also strikes a fantastic balance between countryside seclusion and urban convenience, with excellent transport links to nearby cities. You can catch a train to Southampton from Hart, enjoy all the attractions that the city has to offer, and still have time for a visit to Portsmouth.


With a wealth of historic buildings to marvel at, and local farm shops to frequent, residents of Horsham benefit from an abundance of things to see and do. There’s a thirteen-mile circular walk along the local river; there’s a motte and bailey castle; there are dozens of independent coffee shops and a bustling local retail scene. On top of all that, you get convenient travel to the centre of London via train, which makes this ideal for commuters.