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However, now all the top European championships are at risk. It is highly likely that the season will not be finished in Italy, where the epicentre of the coronavirus has been detected. Serie A matches have already been suspended, and so far there is no certainty that the championship will be finally completed.

It is unfortunate that this happened in the current season, when for the first time in several years there is very serious competition in the Italian championship. Now the title is claimed not only by Juventus, but also by Inter and Lazio. Despite the fact that at the time of the pause it was the Turineses that were at the top of the standings, there is no guarantee that they could confirm their status as a favourite, because there are more than 10 games left to the end of the season.

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How will the season end in the Italian league?
Coronavirus affected not only ordinary Italians but also many football players. In particular, it has been confirmed that Rugani and Gabiaddini were ill, while Dybala was also suspected. It is clear that in such conditions it is extremely risky to play the season up to its end. Local officials understand this, too, so now several options are being considered on how the Italian league might end:

The championship will be left unfinished.

Juventus will be declared the winner, since so far it is the Turinese club that come first in the standings. The chances of this outcome is minimum because of the possible protests of competitors, who still had a lot of time to overcome the gap.

There will be a round of playoffs. So far, its format, as well as the participants are being decided.

In any case, such force majeure has seriously affected not only the Italian league but also European football in general. Even if the officials decide to resume the championship, we will have to face the fact that the teams will be not trained and certainly not all players will be able to demonstrate their maximum. In the meantime, you can only guess how the season will end, as it promised us such an interesting fight for gold medals in the Serie A.