Any type of technical skill is very helpful in getting a well-paying job. A concrete pump operator is one such skill which can get you a good well-paying job in the construction industry. Let’s get some insight into it so that it would be clear to you on getting placement in this particular genre.

What Exactly Is A Concrete Pump Operator?

A concrete operator is a skilled person who knows how to operate and run a concrete pump at construction sites. They are different from crane operators. The crane operator goes on work to a single site till the project is completed. While a concrete pump operator can go to different sites per day and hence has the option to earn more. The concrete pump operator is responsible for taking the concrete machine from one place to another and to make sure that the machine is working fine and ready for the next job.

What Are The Remunerations And Incentives?

Higher Per Hour Payment:

The concrete machine operator gets more payment per hour than any average construction workers or crane operators. These machines are heavy and need to be transported regularly. The construction sites need these concrete machines more than any other machine. So the compensation is also high.

Great Growth Prospect:

The construction business across the globe is on boom. More and more tier 2 cities like Brisbane are developing at a large scale. Hence the concrete pumping Brisbane requires more and more concrete pump operators. This phenomenon is similar in all the tier 2 and one cities. So a concrete pump operator has many growth opportunities.

Long Term Employment:

An average big construction site project takes more than 1-2 years for completion. The concrete is something that is needed from the start of the project to the very last day of construction. SO a construction pump operator is needed from the start to the finish at any construction site. AS stated earlier the concrete pump operator works at different sites on a single day. So there is literally a need for the concrete pump operator every day.

Other Fringe Benefits:

Apart from the regular payment the concrete pump operator has access to many other benefits. They get their health care coverage, retirement benefits, paid vacation per year and also life insurance of a higher than average amount. Typically the concrete pump operator gets better benefits from a regular construction site operator.

Ease to locate and relocate:

This is another good aspect of being a concrete pump operator. The job gives the flexibility to locate the place of your choice. AS the construction work is typically going on at every major city, usually the operator is allotted a place of their choice. This gives the opportunity to stay at the place of choice.


We can now see that the job as a concrete site operator is lucrative and comes with high monetary and fringe benefits. This is a job that can be seriously given a career choice for your secure future.