Breast Cancer Treatment

What is Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is the most popular kind of cancer among women. As per research, it is the second rationale for the death rate of women after lung cancer. It occurs when changes or mutation occurs. The modification is the process of nonstop cell division.

It has four stages. They are

  • Stage 0
  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

In the very early stages, one may not observe the symptoms of breast cancer. A tumor or a highlighted area may be found, but it is so minor plus painless that most of the woman does not take it seriously. There are multiple kinds of breast cancer, and symptoms vary from one to another, too,

Some of the widespread and guess symptoms for breast cancer are here:
  • A breast lump might appear that might be soft to touch but having a mold inside it.
  • Light pain in the breast may be observed.
  • Red-colored skin might appear on that lump of the breast.
  • Nipple might be discharging some liquid products, probably blood discharge.
  • Peeling and slaking of breast skin will start.
  • The size and shape of the breast might change.
  • A lump will also appear in the under-arms area.

Treatment of Breast cancer

Treatment of breast cancer is not a direct method. It is dependent upon some factors.

They are:
  • Type of cancer
  • Stage of cancer
  • Sensitivity of woman
  • Age of woman

Health condition of the woman

The recommended treatments for breast cancer are many. Some of them are discussed here:
  • Surgery: it is essential after the diagnosis of breast cancer. It comes in a variety of forms; in some situations, surgical treatment of breast cancer is used to remove the tumour. In some other types of surgery, they remove the lobules and ducts from the breast areas.
  • Radiation therapy: it is another modus operandi to save the person from the harmful effects of breast cancer. This is a process in which radiation is passed via a breast portion of the woman.
  • Chemotherapy: in this method, doctors recommend some specific and high potency drugs to the patient. It is recommended to do chemotherapy before surgery as it will shrink tumor size.
  • Hormone blocking therapy: this therapy is famous for blocking the hormone secretions. It is the last option for those patients who fail to go through the treatment as mentioned earlier options.

Breast cancer treatment in Singapore

In Singapore, they are offering multiple methods to save the woman from breast cancer. They have a program for the purpose. It is called BSS (Breast Screen Singapore). It was set up in 2002 to overcome the causes of breast cancer in addition to the provision of breast cancer treatment in Singapore.

Mammography is another method that is widely used for breast cancer dealing in Singapore. It does not prevent the cause of breast cancer but may save the life of the person by the support of proper treatment.

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EBS (Early Breast Cancer) diagnosis is another successful breast cancer treatment in Singapore. It supports the idea of self-examination with proper collaboration with the physician to stay clear about your breast issues. These are the best methods to save a self from cancer even in the early stages.

For the purpose, best hospitals are offered in Singapore. The best hospitals in Singapore can be seen in the following hospitals:
  • Parkway East hospital
  • Gleneagles hospital
  • Mount Elizebath Novena hospital
  • National Cancer treatment hospital
  • Raffles hospital
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