Mau, Hawaii

So, you might wonder which areas are the best to stay in when visiting Maui, Hawaii. You can select from two primary areas in Maui – West, and South. Each side consists of two sections. One offers mostly luxury hotel accommodation, the other offers less pricey condos, and both provide easy access to the best Maui luaus. The Westside (Kaanapali) has stunning lush green mountains and is near Lahaina, a historic tourist town with restaurants, shops, and a boat harbor. You’ll also encounter less traffic on the west side (Napili and Kahana) than the Southside (Kihei). 

Most West Maui condos are situated at the beach, while most South Maui condos are stationed across the street from the beach. Many people prefer staying at the Westside in Maui. However, on the Southside there is less rain during the winter. Kihei on the Southside offers more family restaurants than on the Westside. 

Wailea is the more luxurious section on the South and quieter than Kaanapali, the luxurious section on the West. However, if you want to be closer to other sights in Maui, then Kihei on the Southside would be a good choice. Most people might feel that the Southside is the best region to stay at in Maui. However, we’ll give you more information about the Westside and leave it up to you to decide which one sounds best.

West Side of Maui

Kaanapali Beach

Many people adore this area to stay in while visiting Maui. It is more luxurious and has several big hotels with swimming pools, lobbies, grounds, and large luxury condos. All the condos and hotels in Kaanapali are within walking distance from one another, including the beach, restaurants, Whalers Village shopping center, and Luaus snorkeling.

Napili And Honokowai, Kahana

These areas are located just north of Kaanapali Beach and have several small and large condo complexes that are less pricey than staying on Kaanapali Beach. However, they are not within walking distance of restaurants, shopping centers, and extensive resort hotels. Some don’t have air conditioning or the daily maid service. However, most condo buildings are on the beach. Check out for vacation rentals in Maui.


Kapalua is situated on the far north of West Maui and has one hotel and a few condos. Kapalua is more prone to wind and rain than any other South or West Maui area. Some people may prefer to stay here. However, we beg to differ.


Lahaina is a tiny tourist town with many restaurants, shops, and a rich history. If you choose to stay in town, you will experience a city vacation and will not stay in a resort or beach area. Lahaina is a fantastic place to visit, but not ideal to stay at if you’re looking to be close to the beach. Traffic in Lahaina can be congested at times.