Gallon Fish Tank

Choosing the appropriate and best fish for your 20-gallon fish tank is essential to make sure that they will survive and grow healthy. You need to consider its temperament, needs and compatibility among others. This article can help you get started in which fishes to choose for this tank size.

What is a 20-gallon fish tank?A 20-gallon fish tank suits better for beginners in the fish keeping scene. It is just the right and convenient size. A 20-gallon fish tank is big enough to provide you with extra space not just for fishes but also live plants or other elements you want to have in your tank. At the same time, a tank this size does not take too much space for set-up.

Generally, a 20-gallon fish tank is easier to maintain. It houses just the right amount of water and keeps the balance in its ecosystem keeping your fish healthy. With a solid tank, the best fishes and proper maintenance fish keeping will be a breeze.

Best fish for 20-gallon tank

The list provided in this article is just some of the best good community fishes which are more adaptable and can easily match with most fishes.


Platy is one of the more popular freshwater fish species not only for beginners but also for experienced aquarists. Platies are extremely beautiful fishes that come in many attractive varieties and colors. It is smaller in size. Males can grow to about 1.5 inches and females to 2.5 inches. Platies are easier to care for and breed. They also have a peaceful temperament that is a good match for any fishes.


Molly fish come in many varieties and colors. Mollies are popular among aquarists because of their vibrant colors. It is a good community fish with a peaceful temperament that is easy to care for and keep.


The guppy or otherwise known as rainbow or million is another excellent fish species for your 20-gallon tank. Guppies also have peaceful temperaments and are super active. With their vibrant colors, guppies are beautiful and fun to watch.


The swordtail is another popular species for aquariums and similar to the platy, they come in many attractive varieties. Swordtail is preferred by aquarists because of its peaceful temperament and its tolerance to a range of conditions. It is easy to keep and has great potential.

A 20-gallon fish tank offers many exciting possibilities. We hope that this article has helped you in some way of getting started with your dream aquarium.

How to spot anemones for sale? If you are looking to purchase anemones, you have a few options:
  • Local Pet Stores or Aquarium Shops: Many local pet stores or aquarium shops carry marine or freshwater anemones for aquariums. These stores often have a selection of different species suitable for various tank setups.
  • Online Retailers: There are numerous online retailers that specialize in selling marine life for aquariums, including anemones. When purchasing online, make sure to choose reputable sellers that prioritize the well-being of the animals during shipping. Some well-known online platforms include LiveAquaria, Blue Zoo Aquatics, or local online fish forums and marketplaces.
  • Specialized Aquarium Shows or Events: Occasionally, aquarium shows or events may have vendors selling marine life, including anemones. These events are an opportunity to see the animals in person before purchasing.
  • Local Aquarium Clubs or Forums: Joining local aquarium clubs or online forums can connect you with hobbyists who may be breeding or selling anemones. This can be a good way to get advice and support from experienced aquarists.
Before purchasing anemones or any marine life, it's crucial to research and understand the specific care requirements for the species you're interested in. Different anemones have different needs, and ensuring that your aquarium is suitable for their well-being is essential.

Additionally, be aware of any regulations regarding the purchase and transportation of marine life in your area. Always buy from reputable sources to promote ethical and sustainable practices in the aquarium trade.