The workout is a process through which the muscles grow and expand; nerves and veins become strong. The mind becomes agile, and the entire body develops endurance and immunity to many forms of disorders and diseases.

So, here are, according to sports gear review site SportyGen, the best 5 workout sports that can take your fitness to the next level.


Swimming is one of the most energetic forms of workouts that can enhance and develop the endurance and immunity levels. The most essential benefit of swimming is in the heart.

It is perhaps the best heart rate training form for athletes, sportspersons and the others who want to improve their fitness.

Swimming helps to control blood pressure, increase nerve strength, and tone muscles. Fat burning happens naturally and your body slims down to athletic shape.


The first benefit of playing squash is the increase in the speed of physical movement and logical thinking. The other benefits are fat burning, slimming, and cardiovascular fitness.

Squash rackets have the lowest probability of developing disorders related to heart issues, diabetes, and blood pressure.

The flexibility of muscles, nerves, spinal cord and the joints improves substantially while playing squash. Coordination between the hands, legs, mind, and the sense organs improve significantly. Your ability to make real-time decisions also increases.


The speed at which you play basketball will train your mind and body to coordinate at the speed of sound. Of course, it is the ball sound as it passes between players, goes through the hoops, and hits the ground.

Following the ball is the toughest part of basketball. Your entire body has to be agile and alert at every passing second in the game.

Playing the sport is the easiest way to train your muscles, nerves, spine, joints, and the hands and legs for agile action. It helps to strengthen the heart and the cardiovascular system completely.

Mountain Biking 

As you climb the mountains with your bike, your heart starts pounding at a pace like never before. In the beginning, you may feel the impact of breathlessness and a drop in endurance levels.

But it is only the beginning of your training in improving stamina and developing endurance.

Fat burning and muscle toning happen naturally. Your body sweats consistently which acts like a big fat burning exercise. Cardiovascular health improves considerably after a few weeks of mountain biking.

The biggest workout is for your mind. It learns to relax and enjoy every moment of life, besides shedding stress and anxiety. It is the best exercise to keep your blood pressure, heart rate, and immunity levels at the highest possible levels.


Tennis is a sport that trains your body to become flexible like never before. It is because you have to keep running along the length and breadth of the court, doing multiple tasks.

You have to pick up the serves, make a return, focus on your opponent's movements, and place the ball at a position where she/he can’t reach.

At the same time, your thinking should be sharp enough to outsmart the opponent.

Choose any of the above sports and start playing for a week.
Then you can experience a complete transformation in your personality and the immense benefits of physical and psychological fitness.