Certified Tree Specialist

Taking care of your trees is a task you must take seriously to yield a significant return. Healthy, beautiful trees not only improve your property's aesthetics but also add considerable value. Therefore, ensuring trees around your commercial or residential property are well maintained should be your priority. Of course, it requires time and a higher level of expertise. That's why you need to hire an experienced and certified tree specialist, better known as an arborist. They will save you both money and time. This article will discuss some of the benefits of hiring a certified arborist.

Certified and Skilled

Certified arborists are skilled and trained to analyze and provide the correct information to care for trees. They are specialized in tree care. From recognizing detrimental problems in executing solutions that improve the trees, an arborist can draft a strategy that will result in healthy trees. Many arborists are members of professional organizations like the Tree Care Industry Association and the International Society of Arboriculture. This shows credibility, and you will be assured that appropriate attention will be provided.

Provide the Right Services

Tree specialists always know which services are required for your trees and the services needed to ensure your trees are healthy. Hiring an expert to analyze and perform certain functions to keep your trees healthy will make you relax and focus on other projects. They perform various services such as pest control, planting and cutting down trees, disease control, and fertilization.


Arborists can help you plant trees properly and recommend the correct place. Planting a tree in the wrong place always results in complicated problems from diseases, limited space, or poor health of the tree. To begin a tree planting exercise, you must seek special equipment and expertise from a specialist. A certified arborist will offer solutions on planting and appropriate tree care to help ensure trees grow and don't interfere with development.


Proper maintenance and care ensure a tree grows well and in the best conditions. Proper tree care will aid the tree to protect itself against diseases, insects, and complications linked with the land. It's important to note that urban areas are stressful to trees. In many instances, arborists recommend these maintenance measures:

Particular pesticides to control insects and disease

  • Aeration to enhance root growth
  • Appropriate pruning
  • Fertilization
  • Season irrigation

Provide Emergency Tree Services

Often, trees are brought down by natural disasters such as earthquakes or life-threatening storms. When these kinds of events occur, people and many trees are affected. Trees may hurt people, buildings, or cars. Affected trees are hefty, making them very dangerous to cut or move. Only a tree specialist can help remove the tree without causing more damage.

Furthermore, proper care must be observed around the trees after a storm. If the trees come in contact with live electricity wires, they can transmit electricity, which can be dangerous. You should always call the nearest local power provider when live electricity wires are entangled with trees.

Advice & Recommendations

Many measures can be observed to maintain the health of your trees. Certified tree specialists help recognize issues and provide necessary care by executing the required services. 

Therefore, some procedures can be followed at home and in commercial areas that prevent the risk of potential tree problems in the future. Arborists offer easy tips and solutions that can ensure you maintain the health of your trees on your own. They are available and ready to answer tough questions about trees if something happens. 

Highlander Tree Care's Team of Certified Arborists

We are a team of professional tree specialists who are committed and passionate about the health of trees. We understand there are Do-It-Yourself options today, but improving the aesthetics of your property while maintaining the health of trees can be done with an arborist from Highlander Tree Care. Arborists understand the science behind trees' lifespan and how they are maintained. Their vast experience and training allow them to provide the best tree care solution required depending on the situation. It can get complicated if a sick tree goes unattended for longer. If you have questions concerning the health of your trees, you must seek services from a certified tree specialist. They are always ready to help.

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