US immigration lawyer

Nobody wants to go to court and sit through trials let their own, but if you ever find yourself in such a situation and have to hire a US immigration lawyer, these are the questions you should ask the lawyer before hiring him/her:

1. Is the lawyer specialized in immigration law?

You need to get a lawyer who specializes in immigration laws to improve your chances of being successful. An efficient lawyer will be more effective than an efficient one. 

2. Is the lawyer part of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA)?

Being a part of the American Immigration Lawyers Association represents a high status and knowledge of the lawyer and increases the likelihood of success.

3. How long has the lawyer been practising?

An experienced lawyer is a benefit for every type of case. An experienced lawyer has vast networks and knows how the immigration courts operate, which could benefit your case.

4. How many similar cases has the lawyer handled?

If the lawyer has handled cases like yours, it benefits you as the lawyer is experienced in a similar situation. The outcome of a similar case is also important to you as success, in that case, means a lawyer can be successful in your case too. Sometimes criminal defence lawyers also need experience in your case. For example, in the case of deportation, the lawyer has to know deportation laws in the us to win the case. So, not just any criminal lawyer will suffice for the job.

5. What are the chances of your success?

The chances of success mostly depend on the quality of the lawyer. If you are hiring a good lawyer and have a good case, your chances of success will increase significantly. 

6. How much will the lawyer cost me?

The lawyer's fee depends upon the lawyer's experience and expertise as well as your case. For example, the fee differs between a mandamus attorney and a car accident attorney. 

7. Is the lawyer too busy to handle my case?

It is of immense importance that the lawyer you are hiring gives proper attention to your case, as the casual behaviour of lawyers in managing the case can lead to failure in the application for your immigration to the US.

8. What should be the approach and strategy of the case?

After you have planned what you want to do and have laid out the objectives you will be trying to achieve. You must convey this information to the immigration lawyer you end up hiring, so you both are on the same page during the case hearings.

9. Has the attorney been blamed or reprimanded for dishonesty?

This is an important question which needs to be asked before you finalize your attorney. The lawyer should be practising within the ethical bounds of the law as unethical behaviour could raise suspicions against the lawyers’ performances in the court of law. 

10. Will a contract be written?

Every profession needs a written contract to avoid complications during the case, and payment structures and contracts should be read thoroughly before signing them.

Now be careful getting your lawyer/attorney!