Authentication and authorization, are terms that are often associated with each other and is sometimes said to be the same. Well, they really are associated with each other, but they are not the same thing. Visit the site for more info.

These two terms are often used in conjunction with terms such as security, especially when it is the security in gaining access or having access to a system. They may both be an important aspect in the security of databases and web servers, but they are different concepts. They can be used in the same context, but they are different tools.

The difference in authentication and authorization
- Authentication is simply confirming your identity to the system. Authenticating is when you validate that you are who you say you are or you validate your credentials. Samples of this are the use of a username or user ID as well as the use of a password to make sure of your identity or to give verification to your identity. In networks, may it be private or public networks, their systems would validate who you are using login passwords. Authentication is usually done through the process of username and password.

-          There are three types of authentication:

Single-Factor Authentication – This is the simplest type of authentication. This is the type of authentication wherein the person only needs one credential in order for the person to verify his identity. This type of authentication would only require the person to provide a password to verify his identity.

· Two-Factor Authentication – This type of authentication is two-step authentication. This type of authentication would not only require a username and password, but also something that the user would know such as an ATM pin to add another layer security.

· Multi-Factor Authentication – This type of authentication that has three or more layers of security that a person has to go through to access the data or the account.

- Authorization is simply the system granting access to the person who wants to use or to get in the data or account. Authentication happens after you have authenticated yourself with the system. Authorization is when the system gives you full authority to access all the things in the database such as the resources, information, files, funds, locations, and many more.

Authorization is the process that determines if the authenticated user is granted access to which resources in the database. Authorization is when your identity is verified through a successful authentication by the system, then you are authorized to view or access the different resources found in the system.