Talking about Macaroon, what would be your first impression? The top of French delicacies? Eye-attracting and adorable? Sweet and appetizing? All of them must be related to some kinds of enjoyment. But nowadays, do you believe that Macaroon has already been made into the toothpaste? With so much glamour it has, this type of Macaroon flavored toothpaste would not let you down.

The Sooth & Care Macaroon Flavored Toothpaste has newly been established, which is specially designed for those girls expecting to a dream-like lifestyle. The whole series contains six different colors and flavors, each of which would blow your mind and provide an enjoyable tooth brushing experience. Not only can it clean your mouth and make it smell fresh, but it would also whiten your teeth with active components. The following article would lead you through the attractions of each type of flavored toothpaste.

Cherry Macaroon

It could clean your teeth with a fresh feeling and long-lasting fragrance. This toothpaste goes with a gradual changing color packaging, and the soft pink is just the perfect match for those princesses-like girls. The extreme beauty and super artistic sense of the Macaroon color give you a luxurious oral experience.

The pink and attractive Macaroon flavored toothpaste has its own sweetness. The unique Cherry Blossom factor blooms in friction. A full-bodied cherry blossom fragrance fills the whole mouth instantly, making you feel fresh and fragrant as never before. The new formula development can reduce soft tooth dirt, helping reduce tooth stains and bringing you a unique experience of tooth protection.

Blood Orange Macaroon

Imagine when you are in the middle of summer, almost burning inside out. Then a pair of little oranges saves you from the extremely hot. With only one bite, you feel your whole body refreshed. Orange is always a sign of energy and vigor. This light orange flavor of the toothpaste could also bring you a sense of freshness. By the way, its sweetness is better acceptable for those youth. Using such orange taste toothpaste, you will feel like you are going back to the adolescence and being the energetic campus guys.

Lotus Macaroon

As accepted by most, morning is a fresh start of a day, coming with hope and energy. Not to mention the first drop in the morning, it marks a beautiful beginning. After brushing all the dirt during the morning, it brings about a new life for you to fight for. That’s what the Lotus Macaroon Flavored Toothpaste could bring to you, helping you embrace a brand new satisfactory day.

Matcha Macaroon

Japanese Matcha is always representing sweetness and smoothness. It’s sweet, but you could still sense a feeling of bitterness. It’s softly astringent, but what is left in your mouth is always cleanness and freshness. This flavored toothpaste could bring you fragrance all day.

Mint Macaroon

Fresh mint stands for a relaxing experience. Always wanting to keep clear during the day, then the ice mint-flavored must be your first choice. This natural flavored toothpaste is of high value to keep you in consciousness. How could people not like a calm person with clear and rational mind?

Coconut Macaroon

Natural coconut fragrance is hereby to fresh your breath. Coconut scent gives out a feeling of smoothness and tenderness. The faint scents from time to time would be leaving others an impression of your quietness and wonderfulness.

As a manufacturer producing China’s first fluorine-containing toothpaste in 1999, Domy has specialized in professional cosmetic, personal care products for many years and received loads of reputation. They have always led the trend in the personal care market, and so do this time. This innovation would become a hit to the customers. If you are a little bit being attracted by Sooth & Care Macaroon Flavored Toothpaste, don’t hesitate to try one, for it would open a new world for you.