Due to non-existent and unclear CBD rules and regulations, traveling with CBD has become a considerable concern for people. Some of the questions like ‘is it even legal,’ ‘what are the consequences,’ ‘is this state safe,’ make travelers hesitate when it comes to including the CBD product in their respective luggage.
People with medical conditions might end up in discomfort without CBD’s relief. This often results in detrimental consequences for those who’ve been relying on these products and suddenly because of no access, can develop health issues. This complicated situation is a result of inconsistent regulations by the state and federal agencies.
Travel With CBD
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To understand the confusion, it’s essential to know the difference between the laws of marijuana and hemp-derived strains. Under federal law, marijuana is considered an illegal substance due to the level of THC and its ability to induce psychoactive effects. While hemp-derived CBD contains less than 0.3% THC, marijuana contains over 30% THC, making it illegal to travel with.

In the year 2018, the Agricultural Improvement Act reclassified CBD as an agricultural commodity. It’s no longer considered a controlled substance. It simply means products CBD products derived from hemp are legal under regulations laid by federal law.

Can You fly with CBD?

You can travel with hemp-derived CBD products but not marijuana-derived CBD products. To understand the distinction between the two, let’s understand some of the tips you can follow while traveling with CBD.

Read the state laws

With the 2018’s Farm Bill making hemp-derived CBD legal in the United States, it’s now legal for an individual to travel across the country with CBD. But, with such a bill comes severe conditions. CBD products are only permitted in the U.S. if the THC content of the substance is no more than 0.3%. Even though different states have different regulations and criteria, it’s always vital for you to understand that certain states will have stringent laws, regardless of their source. So, the next time you plan on moving out to travel within the country, go through state laws and regulations.

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Transport and packing is important

Just like other substances, CBD products should match the requirements of the TSA. If you intend to carry any CBD liquids such as CBD tincture, oils, creams, and lotions with you, do not stash it anywhere else, rather keep it in its original packaging or else you’ll end up attracting suspicion. There’s also a law, which states - the CBD oil should be below 3.4oz. Keep the CBD products in the checked bags and let authorized personnel know what you’re carrying with you to avoid delays during check-in and check-out activities. You can avoid obstacles to your CBD consumption by using Gedibles instead. We suggest you check out https://cbdfx.com/collections/cbd-gummies/ and get your hands on these delicious products.

Don’t forget to carry the product’s COA

Did you know, substandard manufacturing quality leads to poor-quality CBD, and this further leads to an inaccurate CBD content? Even if your CBD product’s label states it’s ‘THC-free,’ review the ingredients and the Certificate of Analysis. In order to avoid such hassle, check the product before buying, study it well, and go through the product’s COA and lab report to get a rigid THC content confirmation. It’s highly recommended that you carry the print out of your CBD product’s COA to help the verification procedures and airport security checks.

Research international CBD laws

Even though hemp-derived CBD products are legal to fly within the U.S., traveling internationally with CBD products is a bit different. Several countries like Egypt, China, Myanmar, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and the Philippines have strict laws for cannabis plants. Due to precarious legalities towards marijuana and hemp on international grounds, traveling with hemp or even marijuana-derived CBD is considered to be non-advisable and might lead to severe actions like imprisonment.

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Carry the allowed dose only

In order to carry CBD products with you, their quantities need to stay within the limitations stated by the states and federal law. The maximum amount considered while traveling is either 30 days of prescribed dosage or one hundred fifty grams. If in either of these cases, you’re carrying more amount than the limitations suggest, you may end up experiencing legal charges, and the CBD product you’re carrying will be confiscated.

Keep the CBD product odor-free

Yet another tip while traveling with a CBD product is to keep it odor-free. If security personnel catch the smell of your CBD product, you might face a lot of questions. To avoid delays in the verification process, make sure your CBD product is packed in odor-proof packaging and does not spoil other things, navigating the attention of the security officer.

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You have to pay attention to every detail of the security process. After all, you would not want to suffer from any strict criminal charges if you’re unable to project any proofs for the purpose behind traveling with CBD. That’s why you need to take a note of the described tips above while flying with CBD.