In this block, we will tell you about 6 different types of vacuums for hardwood floors. They are designed in such a way that they can eliminate the dust and debris without having a scratch on the floor.
Some of the best features they can serve you are soft rollers, suction settings, the combination of both cordless and corded vacuums.
One can find versatility in these following best vacuum for hardwood floors.

1.  Sharks rocket ultra-light hand vacuum HV320
The Shark rockets Ultra-light HV 320 super lightweight vacuum which only weighs 8.6 lbs. Its Sporty and sleek body style can allow it to bob and weave in a tight spot under low-lying furniture like table, sofa beds, etc. You can slow the brush rotation with adjustable roller speed when operating on a hard floor. And for the carpet, you can increase its speed easily.
One of the magnificent features of shark HV 320 is that you can convert it into a hand vacuum. With the portable hand vacuum, you can reach ceilings easily. The debris under the oven, car upholstery and furniture have no match for this portable hand vacuum.

2.  Bissell hard floor expert multi-cyclonic bagless canister vacuum
Bissell hard floor expert canister vacuum is the best mid-range vacuum which is extremely lightweight, for a vacuum of its kind. It's a corded canister vacuum weighing only 13 lbs. You can move these vacuums from hard floors to the carpeted surfaces because of the brush roll adjustment switch. 
Desperately designed turbines and hard floor tools are gentle on hardwood floors and don't leave any scratch or scuffs on the floor. The canister body style and Rubber wheels of the vacuum provide the user the feather-like operation during the cleaning session. The dustbin of the Bissell hard floor expert canister vacuum is quite large and can contain the debris collected over the course of at least one average cleaning session.

3.  Bissell PowerEdge Pet hardwood floor stick vacuum cleaner
They design the Bissell power edge pet hardwood floor stick vacuum cleaner in such a way that its head can fit into tight corners and around the chair’s legs conveniently.
You don't have to worry about scratches on floors the V-shaped head of vacuum cleaner uses rubber instead of Brush to clean the fine dust and debris.
This Bissell PowerEdge pet hardwood floor stick vacuum is made specially to clean the hard floor surface therefore there will be little to no success on the carpeted floor.

4.  Dyson V8 Absolute stick vacuum
The Dyson V8 absolute is a cordless vacuum stick which is exceptionally light. It weighs around 5.75 lbs and can easily convert into a hand vacuum. The Dyson V8 absolute can also run on battery and in one go it can run for about 30 minutes when fully charged. However, when operating on the max mode it will drop to 20 to 22 minutes.
Even the finest dust particle, pet hair of all shapes can easily suck in due to its powerful Turbo suction mode. And the great design of the dustbin keeps the particle together and during dumping the dirt doesn't come in contact with the user.

5.  Miele Complete C2 canister vacuum
The Miele Complete C2 vacuum weight around 19.5 lbs with six suction settings. With retractable power cord and super suction, this wheeled vacuum is user-friendly.
With the extra-large forehead, it covers a large area and cuts down on cleaning times.

6.  Pure clean robot vacuum PUCRC25
Pure clean robot vacuum PUCRC25 is the best robot vacuum due to its compact size and lightweight. Due to its compactness, this little beast can sneak into just about anywhere and can clean under any low-lying furniture easily.
The pure clean PUCRC25 robot vacuum is well known for its ability to clean a hardwood floor. PUCRC25 robot vacuum doesn't offer any elaborate programming features, it's more like push the button and goes type simple and slim debris destroyer.
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