Most people must catch up on time while sitting on Youtube and other video platforms. Video marketing content is one of the most enjoyable and easily consumed contents that is available online. Studies revealed that 55% of people watch videos every s=day and 78% watch them at least once a week.

If you are seeking a sure way of boosting traffic and increasing conversions, then you will need to have a video marketing plan in place. Since it is a relatively new concept, it can be intimidating creating video content for marketing if you have never done so before. This is why many companies prefer to outsource 3D animation production for their businesses to be effective.

However, it does help to know how to do it yourself or at least understand how itis did and have a strategy in place.

Video marketing strategy

Recording and posting videos without having a clear purpose is a sure recipe for disaster. There are strategies to create video marketing. These include:

1. Find out what you want to achieve with your video content

You will first need to study yourself as a brand and decide what makes you different what are some of the things you value as a business?

Find out how your video content will fit in with these values and the values that your clients see in you. Having specific goals will help you create better content.

2. What is your competition doing?

Do a video content audit to help you figure out where you have gaps in your content offering. Find out if there are topics you may have missed out on which your clients need. Examine the content of your competitors and find out what they are producing. Look for holes in their content, like topics they need to cover. You will learn lots from studying your competitor’s content.

5 Video content ideas for your business

1. Make a big announcement – don’t merely give information via a twitter post. Post a short video announcing something in your business that is upcoming and spread it on social media.
2. Parody something popular – think of famous movie clips, music videos or something funny that you may have seen on the internet. Don’t let the trend fade, you must act quickly. People love seeing well-known videos or content with a unique twist to it.
3. Testimonials are important – there are many businesses these days that have missed out on the power of video testimonials. It is important to have short written testimonials on your site, but it is also great to have video footage of them. This promotes credibility and trust for your brand.
4. Show customers how – instead of explaining how something works, it is better to show them ho they should use your product. Create a video walk-through.
5. Unbox a product – try to do an unboxing or product review video and share this video with your customers. This will undoubtedly add value to your product.

There are so many ideas to use, to make videos that leave an impression on your audience. You need to find the ones that bring the most credibility to your brand. You can use various types of videos to create a need within your desired or targeted audience.