Kratom is popular with its users for different reasons. Some take it to experience pain relief, and others love the energy boost that helps them complete a challenging training session, or get through a long day. In multiple ways, kratom can improve your lifestyle.

But if you want to experience the maximum potential of this plant, it is important to find the best kratom strains. You can choose between multiple strains with varying benefits, which is why you should look for a strain that delivers the effects you desire. In this article, we are focusing on kratom strains that could improve your lifestyle. 

Pick High-Quality Products

Before we start with the list, allow us to offer you a piece of advice. First, you always want to ensure you pick high-quality kratom products. It is the only way to take advantage of the plant’s benefits and experience maximum positive effects.

It is crucial to stick to vendors established in the industry. Otherwise, you might end up with a supplier that might try to scam you. Since the kratom market isn’t entirely regulated, vendors might trick you into paying without even sending the product, or they might deliver fake items that have nothing to do with kratom. Additionally, you might end up with plants that are not fresh, which compromises their benefits.

You can’t go wrong by choosing a reputable vendor. The Golden Monk has proven themselves a reliable supplier of kratom products, and they have a wide variety of strains available. If you are a newbie, you might want to try a popular strain. Let’s take a look at a selection of famous kratom strains that can take your quality of life to the next level.

Bali Kratom

The name of this strain suggests its origin—Indonesia. When kratom appeared in the Western world, this was one of the first strains available. The fact that it is still very popular these days is the best proof of its potency.

Over time, kratom powder made from this strain has improved. Today, it is smoother, finer, and delivers better quality. The biggest advantage of Bali kratom is that it is very resistant to environmental factors. That makes it relatively easy to grow, which is why you will frequently find it at budget-friendly prices. If you are a newbie, Bali kratom is also a great choice if you don't want to invest too much right away.

Bali kratom is also rich in alkaloids, and its resilience secures the potency of mitragynine and other compounds. Bali kratom keeps its freshness, which is another reason for its popularity in the Western world.

You can also try White Bali kratom, which is famous for its invigorating properties. If you are looking for a soothing effect, go with Red Bali, and if you would like to experience all around kratom benefits, Green Bali is a great choice.

Thai Kratom

Thai is also among the first varieties of kratom ever available. It is interesting to note that some farmers believe the original Thai kratom doesn’t exist anymore. Since the local government banned kratom during the 20th century, the farmers were forced to send the seeds to nearby regions. 

Fortunately, farmers from other parts of Southeast Asia continued growing Thai kratom. Some argue that the name should be changed as a result.

Whatever you call it, you cannot deny the benefits of Thai kratom. It can promote a positive mood and help you to deal with anxiety and depression, which makes it worth trying.

Borneo Kratom

Borneo kratom is another strain that bears the name of the place it originates from, and it is also another variety from Indonesia. Although Borneo is only partially in Indonesia, this is the region that usually serves to cultivate this strain.

High temperatures and humidity are suitable for Borneo kratom, and they allow the plant to develop fully to offer optimal benefits. Red Borneo focuses on relaxation, while the green strain is great for beginners since it is mild. And if you are looking for a real boost of energy, you can't go wrong with White Borneo kratom.

Horn Kratom

At the end of our list, we have a strain that is relatively new. Horn kratom got its name due to the unusual shape of its leaves, which look like horns. These spikes make the strain look unique and significantly different from other plant types.

The unique shape doesn’t stop Horn kratom from containing alkaloids that are very beneficial. Since it is a relatively new type, you still can’t find a high quantity of this strain available on markets. It is also why some vendors are mixing it with other kratom strains, another reason why you should only stick to reputable vendors.

When it comes to varieties, Red Horn kratom is there to offer relaxation and comfort. White Horn will energize you when you feel down, and Green Horn is a balanced variety that delivers all around-benefits.

Maeng Da Kratom

Experienced users know Maeng Da as one of the strongest strains out there. It is interesting to note that grafting is how farmers created this strain. Grafting is a technique where you join plant tissues so that they can grow together. They combined a strain from the Indo Mitragyna group with the Thai tree, and the result is Maeng Da kratom. 

This plant strain is also extremely resilient to environmental factors. That includes severe weather, but also insects that frequently destroy kratom. 

As with most other strains, you can choose between three “colors,” or varieties, including:
  • White Maeng Da – an extremely energizing strain.
  • Green Maeng Da – the favorite of most users, especially those looking for a decent energy boost.
  • Red Maeng Da – not that popular, but still capable of delivering multiple benefits.
If you are a newbie, perhaps you shouldn’t go to White Maeng Da right away since it is exceptionally powerful. The green variety should offer the stimulation you need to boost energy until you become more comfortable with using the plant.