Adhesion failures could occur in many forms. There could be a reduction in the adhesion strength or gradual loss of adhesion with time. While it is not easy to rule out the exact cause of the adhesion failure, there are still several factors known that could be the reason behind it, which are discussed below point by point.

Contamination of external substances

This may be one of the common reasons accounting for adhesion failures therefore you must consider it before anything else. Oil is the most common entity that can accumulate on the substrate and it typically happens when we touch the substrate and our skin oil comes in contact with the surface.

Dirty substrates

The other most common reason is an unclean surface of the substrate. Dirt can accumulate on the surface which can easily pass you by but it later causes issues in the adhesion of the substrates. Most of the time, many adhesives get attached to the surface in the starting and later become weak but many times they don’t attach even a bit. So it is better to clean the surface before applying adhesive material. 

Surface and mixing issues

Surfaces on which the adhesion would be applied must be prepared in terms of being washed, abrased and corona treated. Any lack of these processes may lead to poor or no adhesion. The unbalanced mix ratio of two-part materials can also cause adhesion issues.

Application issues

There may not be anything wrong with the surface of the substrate or mixing ratio, but you would still face the problem. In such a situation, one must consider the amount of adhesive material that has been applied. Either it was way too much or spread unevenly. These situations can also cause adhesion failures.

How can you overcome adhesion issues

For many manufacturing companies, adhesive issues can be the topmost concern during the production phase. Even if the problems did not arise in the production stage, these could still manifest in many ways later after their sale, hence lowering the quality of the product.

Therefore, it is really important to face the potential adhesive issues head-on before they become a reason for your company’s bad reputation. Look at some of the following tips to avoid such failures.

The adhesive composition is a crucial factor in ensuring a good quality adhesion of surfaces. The science behind adhesive material is how the adhesive surface interacts with the top molecules of the substrate. During the composition of the adhesive, the focus should be on how the elements would interact with the molecular layer of the surface they are being made for.

As discussed earlier, along with adhesive itself, a surface is also an important factor for good adhesion. It needs to be chemically cleaned after going through all the management processes before an adhesive material is applied to it.

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