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It is natural for enterprises and organizations to recruit eligible candidates to handle various jobs at the workplace and keep the business running. Not all employees stay with an organization forever. While some leave for better opportunities, others get promoted, and a few others are removed due to various reasons. In any of the instances, a vacancy arises where the employee was previously working. To fulfil that space, enterprises need to hire another employee.
Every enterprise has a hiring process formulated by the management and the HR department. Once in a while, the enterprises tend to make changes to the process to stay up to date with the latest changes in the market. As a part of this change, enterprises are now using pre-employment tests during the hiring process.

When compared to the traditional method of hiring based on the resume of an employee or using standard hiring tests for all job profiles, pre-employment assessments are more effective. Categorized into various types and subtypes, these assessments are helping enterprises tackle and reduce the loopholes in their hiring process. This results in hiring candidates who are eligible for the job instead of candidates who are selected based on parameters that have nothing to do with the job.

Moreover, Pre Employment Testing Online eliminates the need for enterprises to create an infrastructure to conduct the tests on premises of the office or elsewhere. Candidates do not have to travel from one location to another to attempt the test. Both parties save time and money as they can be a part of the tests from their existing locations.

Pre-employment tests are not just advantageous to enterprises and businesses alone. Though it is true that they get to filter and shortlist only the eligible candidates, employees have a fair chance of getting the job they are worthy of. The best thing about these assessments is that a candidate might apply for a particular job but be offered another one that is more suited to their capabilities and abilities.

It is no secret that enterprises do not advertise for all open positions. They follow more than one way of hiring employees. It is highly possible that HR and management would recognize the potential of a candidate based on the performance at the test and decide to hire the person for another position.

Pre-employment tests are assessment tools developed and offered by companies that deal with conducting the tests and validating the test forms to shortlist eligible candidates. Enterprises hire the services of these companies to conduct the assessment tests. The HR team of the enterprise works with a test advisor of the company to customize and create a test form. The test form is integrated into the HR system of the enterprise so that the HR personnel can use the same system to keep track of the tests.

Once the test form is finalized, the candidates are sent an email with the date and time to attend the test along with a link to the test form. Pre-employment assessments are interactive tests and can include audio and video files. The questions are designed in a way to allow candidates to express themselves and showcase their true potential rather than simply answer questions by mugging up a few important points.

To successfully clear the pre-employment tests, candidates should know about the different types of tests and how to prepare for each of them.
  • Types of Pre Employment Testing Online
  • Subject-based Assessments
  • Job-based Assessments
  • Numerical Reasoning Assessments
  • Verbal Reasoning Assessments
  • Personality Assessments
  • Behavioural Assessments
  • Cognitive Abilities Assessments
  • Data Entry and Typing Skills Assessments
  • Topic-based Assessments
  • Skill-based Assessments

While preparing for the subject and skill-based assessments depends on the knowledge the candidate has about the subject, reasoning, personality, and behavioural assessments require a deeper understanding of how the tests work and what the ultimate aim of the tests is.

The aim of these assessments is to not just measure the skill of the candidates but to understand how each of them would be able to work with other employees and handle the various aspects of the job. Candidates with good Microsoft Excel (advanced) can also apply for this job. There is no right or wrong answer to any of the questions. The test form has leading questions that are used to assess how a candidate would react in certain situations.

To clear pre-employment assessments, candidates should be honest and answer questions based on how they would respond to the situations at the workplace. Since candidates do not know which answer would be perceived right by the enterprise, being honest would increase their chances of getting the job. The best way to clear pre-employment tests is by practising and being self-aware and focusing on positive traits.