Web scraping is known with different names

You may have heard of web scraping and that many companies are using it nowadays. But what is the usefulness that web scraping has? Web scraping is known with different names. One of them is web harvesting and another is web data extraction. Web scraping focuses directly on obtaining data from different websites. This is done through different programs called crawlers or bots that extract this information quickly. These programs simulate to be a human being either using HTTP manually or by embedding a browser in the application. 

Apply web scraping in different areas of your business

Have you ever asked yourself how useful web scraping is? Web scraping is applied in different areas of a company no matter how big or small it is. Many online stores use them for different reasons too. We would like to share some of these reasons.

Customer information

By making a web scraping, these companies can add all the data they need from customers such as phone numbers, emails, and social media subscriptions. If a human tried to do this job, it would take a long time to finish it but with web scraping, this can be done in a matter of minutes. 

Monitor the competitors' prices

There are thousands of companies competing to be number one. All of them offer the best prices on the market and there is always a constant price battle. Companies are using web scraping to keep a real-time up-to-date list of the prices that their competitors have. This is to have an advantage over the other prices and also have a reference from retail sales. This was difficult to do before but thanks to web scraping and technology, it is possible to do it now in real-time.


When a company launches a new product, the first thing they do is to study market trends and preferences. However, this also takes a long time and a lot of work. Therefore, when it comes to marketing, companies can investigate different buyers´ trends and monitor different brands. They do this by scraping different social networks. There is where they find most of the information from potential buyers that are willing to get the new products. It's amazing how everything has changed and today web scraping is used in many ways and marketing is not the exception.


The internet is one of the greatest influences for every human being no matter how old this is. Influencers have become popular among young people because they give messages and create videos that they can watch at any time. Through web scraping, companies can contact and organize different influencers so they can work on behalf of their products.

Ask yourself some questions before web scraping

Now you know a little bit more about web scraping. It is a new technique that you can use and thus make your business grow. However, before applying web scraping, you must know certain things. Ask yourself a few questions such as, which is the data that you need? Where can you get all this information? and Whether this data is structured or not? 

Remember that a crawler is a program that will inspect the webpage. The information works automatically and you must give a command so you get the information your company needs. If you are looking for a company that can help you with web scraping to get better results, you can contact zenserp.com

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Give us your information and we will contact you to start working and make your business grow. Remember, web scraping has become popular among companies and if yours is still not using it, you're a step behind. Rest assured that with our help you'll get all the information from your competitors and get the potential buyers you want.