Women are always at the forefront of fashion. They are more concerned with their fashionable appearance as compared to men. So the credit to the clothing industry’s growth is mostly because of women’s trendy outfits. Gone are the days when stores housed gowns and big, glittered dresses. Dress stores now help bring out the best in the modern woman. 

Today’s stores usually carry a complete ensemble of women’s garments, from full-fabulous outfits to relaxed, every day wear. With a wide array to choose from, how do you know what your wardrobe should have? Check out the five must-have garbs in their repositories.


Dress stores are not complete without dresses, obviously. You can choose from several types. Maxis are floor-length dresses that look amazing for any body type. Minis are the exact opposite of the former, and perfect for days when you want to impress. Shift shirt dresses are loose-fitting but not too flowy, which suits those times where you want to feel like a natural woman. And a little black dress completes your wardrobe-essentials.


There are days when a dress will not do. A blouse is an alternative top-wear for your everyday needs. Paired with any bottom wear, this can be an alternative to shirts. The working woman usually has a lot of these in her cabinet. The most common of them all is the button-down blouse, which is suitable for both formal and informal settings. Patterned, frilled, and ruffled blouse-shirts are perfect for a chic and stylish look. Sexy scoop-necked blouses are suitable to wear when on a date, friendly or otherwise. 


T-shirts are the most universal of all clothes and classified as unisex (for both men and women). You can choose from a variety of tees. Women typically sport shirts such as round necks, v-necks, cotton-made, dry-fit, polyester, short sleeves, and raglan sleeves. 


These onesie-suits were very popular in the 1970s. A few years back, women who thought fashion was all about dresses despised the jumpsuit. That was the mindset until actress Farrah Fawcett wore a sexy, v-necked one. Fast forward to today, and you would see fiercely competitive women in the workforce wearing them. 

Nowadays, these pantsuits are suitable for all occasions and are perfect for women of all ages and sizes. They are also quite easy to put on, and all you need to worry about are the shoes and bags to match them. 


Women in the old days were only allowed to wear long skirts. The thought-process back then was to protect the lower torso down to the ankles. Fortunately, that way of thought has changed over time. Women still wore them, but you can now choose from a variety of bottoms. 

There are different types of pants like jeans, bell-bottoms, slacks, elephants, leggings, hot pants, and jogger pants, to name a few. There are shorts for casual wear too, such as denim, chinos, boyfriends, and cut-offs. And since skirts have come a long way, these have also evolved and breathed a life all its own. A-lines, bubble, minis, maxis, flared, circular, pleated, and gypsy skirts are just a few of them. 

No matter what she wears, a woman’s femininity will always be a part of her identity. Her clothing style helps accentuate what she is inside and out – confident, fierce, a go-getter, and utterly beautiful all her own.

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Simon Mkhize is a content writer and a copywriter who specializes in writing marketing blogs, fashion and technology pages.