Stress-Free Move to Sydney

Image source: Needpix

Moving is most often a very tiring endeavour regardless of how far you are going. You have to find a new place, make sure it’s the right fit for you and your family and then plan the actual moving process. The logistics of this task alone can be quite overwhelming. To help you out during this time in your life, we’ve gathered some of the most important tips to have in mind. If you’re moving to Sydney, take a look below at how you can make this experience stress-free.

Get your visa

This first step applies only to non-Australian residents and it is a crucial one as, without a visa, you cannot plan your move properly. Contact an immigration lawyer from Sydney and explore your options. Only once you are entirely certain that your visa will be approved can you start the preparation process.

Look for a property

Regardless of whether you are coming from overseas or another Australian state, you must find a suitable property. Do you want an apartment or a house? How big should it be? Is it only you or your family members as well? Do you already have a job lined up and want to be close to it? Are you looking for great schools for your kids? All of these factors play a huge role when buying a home for yourself. 

Seeing as how you are not from the area, it might be best to turn to buyers’ agents from Sydney who know the market like the palm of their hand and can show you the current offer. Relying on their expertise is guaranteed to land you a great property in a neighbourhood that suits you and has all the amenities you need.

Have your belongings shipped

When packing your belongings, decide which items you will need in your new home and which ones you can easily replace once you get there. The things you don’t need can be sold, donated or kept in storage. In terms of the items you will be bringing with you, make sure you are always aware of where your most important documents are located and even make copies in case you lose them.

Then, if you plan on shipping the rest of your possessions, pack a few bags or suitcases with the necessities you will need in the first few weeks until the shipment arrives. If you’re moving on your own by renting a truck, pack practically by labelling and organizing everything so that you can easily unpack.

Learn to get around

You might be wondering whether you need a car. This mostly depends on where you live, where you work and what you like to do in your free time. Having a car will make it easier to get around the city and even go visit the amazing places located outside of it. It’s important to sort out your driver’s license with the local authorities to be able to drive without getting a fine. On the other hand, having an Opal card will help you get around town using public transport if you prefer that option.

Take care of other necessities

In case you are not from Australia, you might need to look into a couple more necessary things. Do some research to understand how the healthcare system works and apply for a Medicare card once you get to the Land Down Under. Then, you should set up a bank account. This will be necessary for your job but it comes with other perks as well. You should also look for a mobile provider; decide whether you will opt for a prepaid SIM or a postpaid one – if you don’t use your phone too much, prepaid can be a great choice.

As you can see, if you do your research beforehand and prepare properly, there is no need for this move to Sydney to be stressful. By taking the five aforementioned tips into account, you will make a great life for yourself in the Land Down Under.