Embroidery Patches

Embroidery patches are an excellent way to show off personality. People stick them on jackets, backpacks, and more. They can pretty much be anything. People use them to show off affiliation to a political group or club. Patches can also show off hobbies they are interested in. Many patches are designed to show off where that person has traveled. Some are made to be cute decorations. Embroidery patches aren't just the type that is sowed onto things. They can also be labels. Some make embroidery patches with their name on it to show off that an object belongs to them. Here are some of the different types and their uses:


There are fun and wacky designs for children. Many embroidery patches come in the form of ice cream cones, unicorns, and fruit. They can be sewed onto children's clothes to give off personality. Embroidery patches are often sowed onto spots that have worn down on their clothing. Instead of throwing out an old pair of jeans, sew a patch on them to make them cute and wearable again. 

It gives kids a chance to show off what they love the most. Do you have a little girl that's really into unicorns? Get a patch and let her show off her love of them! You can also get a patch that has a beloved cartoon character on it. Kids love to wear what they watch. Mickey Mouse and Disney embroidery patches are also available.

Name Patches

Name patches are an extremely popular choice. The lost and found isn't as good as someone knowing to bring it to you. A name patch is often added onto backpacks. The chances are high that someone knows who you are at the place where you lost it. If not, they can ask someone who does. Name patches can also be sowed on the inside of jeans, briefcases, and purses. Women often leave their purses somewhere. Having a label on it is an excellent way to ensure that you get it back. 

Religious Patches

Many are proud to be a part of their religion. Getting an embroidery patch that showcases design from it is an excellent way to show off that pride. Crosses, Star of Davids, and other religious symbols are available on embroidery patches. 

Zodiac Symbol

Those who love zodiac symbols can get a patch that shows off what type they are. Having a spiritual side is a wonderful thing. All the signs exist in all different kinds of designs. Hamsas are also available; its symbol is the hand and evil eye. It is from kabbalah, which is Jewish mysticism. The tree of life, which is the tree in the garden of Eden, is another powerful spiritual symbol that can be seen on patch form. 


There are a lot of embroidered patches that show off national origin. These patches tend to be 5' x 4' inches and are often sewed onto backpacks or other belongings. Regardless of the nation you are looking for; you'll be able to find it. Showing off ancestry is easy with a patch. Coming to a new country can make you feel distant from your old one. Having a patch that's of that country makes you feel a part of it. 


Some embroidered patches are meant to be funny. This is also a popular trend with buttons. There's an embroidered patch on Amazon that says "strait outta Azkaban" on it. You can also choose to make a joke about your profession with a patch. One says " Medic Kinda" on it. Anyone working in the health-care industry might enjoy this type of patch to make a little humor out of their position. Getting a humorous embroidery tag will undoubtedly make your backpack a delight. 

Custom Patches

Getting a custom patch can be anything you want it to be. A lot of companies make custom patches for those who wish to come up with their design. If you are running a school choir group, you can have embroidery patches made that show off the group and their school spirit. Some choose to make patches to promote a political candidate. Custom patches can be made for anything and any reason. Pick out what you want and whoever you are working with will make it for you. 

You can also buy an embroidery machine and make your patches. Embroidery machines are not just capable of making patches. Many use embroidery machines to embroider directly on clothing and other material. Whatever you'd like to put a design on, you can. 

Embroidery was first practiced in China over 32,000 years ago. It had been a staple art in their culture and made its way into Europe. Embroidery was a very popular hobby in 18th century England. It also became a widely loved form of art in the British colonies. The hobby of embroidery was also to convey rank and a women's social standing. In a way, being excellent at embroidery was considered prestigious. Some machines can do it today; however, that doesn't mean that plenty isn't still participating in the art. Those who love crafts should seriously consider embroidery. Lots of people are selling embroidered work. It also makes a wonderful gift for friends!