High-intensity interval training (or HIIT) is one of the most popular exercises not only for gaining attractive muscle or bodybuilding but also for gaining and maintaining sound health. It is a form of interval training of intense anaerobic exercise. It focuses on a cardiovascular exercise strategy. There are remarkable benefits of high-intensity interval training. It works to burn extra calories, help you lose fat, gain muscle, improve oxygen consumption, reduce heart rate and blood pressure and blood sugar, etc. In this article, we'll learn about these benefits briefly. You can also learn and discuss each with your personal trainer at home.

Burn extra calories

We know calories are the source of our energy for working. We need a lot of calories to do hard physical work. But we only need a few calories when we don't have enough physical work. The extra calories hurt our bodies. It can increase blood sugar and blood pressure or can be the cause of a fat body. However, high-intensity interval training can solve the problem quickly. When you exercise with less-intense recovery periods, the extra calories will burn and keep you strong and healthy.

Gain Muscle

Everyone wants to gain attractive muscles that can help to look gorgeous. Gaining beautiful powers takes work. You must exercise a lot. We know weight lifting is the best practice for gaining strength. However, in this case, you should do high-intensity interval training which helps you to do it quickly. Click here to read more.

Help to Lose Fat

Nowadays, we have a common problem with the fatty body. We try to lose fat in many ways, like diet control and many other things. But the problem doesn't solve. Research proved that high-intensity interval training burns extra 20-30% more fat than traditional exercise. However, as we mentioned above, the extra calories will burn when you exercise with less-intense recovery periods.

Reduce Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, and Blood Sugar

High heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar are common and severe problems for many of us. We take medicine, do traditional exercise, and do so many things to control these problems. However, in this case, you should do high-intensity interval training which helps you reduce heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar more than the frequent traditional exercise. One study researched two groups: conventional exercise and high-intensity interval training. The study found that high-intensity interval training groups reduced heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar. They only exercised three times per week for 20 minutes per day, whereas their traditional exercise group exercised four days per week for 30 minutes per day.

Increase Metabolic Rate

We know metabolism is an essential physiological function of the body. Without proper metabolism, we can affect many physiological problems. Proper digestion keeps us healthy and robust. A high metabolic rate is significant for appropriate digestion. Because of high-intensity interval training, a short alternating period of intense anaerobic exercise increases metabolic rate. It is a cardiovascular exercise strategy that also works to improve oxygen consumption.