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Rooms Meetings

The modern meeting room is teeming with technology - it allows us to connect and collaborate far more effectively, therefore improving how fit for purpose the room is. If you aren’t using the right devices and platforms, conferencing can quickly become a process that feels clunky, awkward, and counterproductive, which is something no company will want. Find out how you can take your Microsoft Teams Rooms Meetings to the next level by checking out our guide to optimising meeting rooms - you could find a way to improve the ways that you communicate both internally and externally, which is highly beneficial for any business. 

What Is Microsoft Teams Rooms?

First of all, let’s have a recap on what exactly Microsoft Teams Rooms is. MTR is an all-in-one collaborative system that combines all of the features of the platforms that you love in one simple medium, creating a useful and practical system that encourages teamwork and enables users to connect in more ways than previously expected. The system operates from a central control centre that is sleek, simple, bet still highly intelligent in the way that it operates - the touch screen device allows you to join calls, connect with other rooms, and share content in a simple tap. 

What Devices Are Available?

To make the most of MTR’s power, you’ll need to have the correct devices, as this ensures that you have everything you might need to properly utilise the features that Teams Rooms can offer. Thankfully, there is an array of devices available that are tailor-made for optimising your meeting spaces for MTR - let’s check out the options below:
  • Logitech Tap: The Logitech Tap is a touch-screen controller that allows you to connect multiple computers and laptops via the USB port, making it easier for users to display the content on the screen clearly and visibly. The simple angled screen also features fantastic cable-management facilities, which helps to keep your conference room clean, tidy, and professional even with multiple devices being used.
  • Lenovo ThinkSmart Hub 500: This intuitive device features a 360-degree rotatable 11.6” display that acts as a hub for all of your collaboration. The hub also harnesses integrated audio with Dolby Premium Audio speaker output, whilst a 360-degree microphone ensures that all participants can have their voices heard by everyone in the meeting whether they’re in the room or chatting through a video call.
  • Crestron Flex: This platform offers perhaps the most integrated and seamless Microsoft Teams Rooms experience across the board, offering a smooth transition between devices from the desktop to the boardroom. With the Crestron Flex, you maintain the ability to join meetings with one simple tap, whilst also improving the audio and visual aspects of your meetings to ensure quality is kept high throughout your meetings.
  • Surface Hub 2: The Surface Hub 2 is one of the newer technologies on the market, but it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular setups around. The large high-powered 55-inch screen is capable of more than most devices - it’s fully rotatable and scales beautifully, whilst also offering whiteboarding capabilities which interact naturally with the digital pen and touch. The sleek, stylish device can easily be taken on the go too, provided you have the external battery pack and stand; by taking this device on the move you’ll be able to have immersive and engaging meetings in any setting. Surface Hub 2 integrated perfectly with other products from the Microsoft package and allows for seamless working and sharing on these platforms either individually or collaboratively. OneDrive compatibility allows you to simply sign in to your account and grab your files instantly, then project those wirelessly with Miracast. Complete with HD visuals and an intelligent microphone that masks background noise and projects clear voice, the Surface Hub 2 is the ultimate collaborative device for any meeting space.

Collaborative technology such as Microsoft Teams Rooms is something that has become almost a necessity for the modern business - it’s allowed us to advance and progress to new a height and connect with people around the globe in previously unthinkable ways. With the correct devices and platforms, you’ll be able to create processes that benefit all those involved, which will help to streamline contact whilst also allowing teams to work together more practically and creatively. Choosing between the different devices can be a difficult task, with some only having minor differences in the way that they operate, but once you find the perfect systems for collaboration you’ll be left wondering how you were ever able to work without them. Collaborative technology has the potential to completely revolutionise how we work and bring businesses into the 21st century, so don’t miss out and capitalise on the range of devices available before you’re left behind.