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Marmaris is one of the most visited tourist spots in Turkey.Every year from across the globe hundreds and thousands of visitors come to this South West Bank of Turkey for passing a quality time. Marmaris is well known for its natural beauty and cordial locality. You will just fall in love with the white sandy beach, clear blue water and beautiful green hills here.

Marmaris is a place with a lot of fun things to do. In fact, people often get confused about what to do and what not. It also becomes difficult to cover all the thing in just one tour. So, this blog is specially crafted for the confused newbies who are planning to pass their next vacation in Marmaris. Here are a list of Daily Trips, packages and tours that you would love during your stay:

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The all-inclusive Boat Trip:

Marmaris is situated in the coastal region is also a port, the availability of a port and natural beauty makes it the perfect spot for cruising and boating. The All-inclusive Boat Trip is a standard package of 6-7 hours, where all the important spots like Kumlubuk Beach, Fish Bay, Aquarium Bay, Phosphorous cave, etc.

This is the perfect package where you can cover the beautiful Bays and places accessible by waterways. It is also relaxing at the same time. Food and Unlimited drinks are inclusive with the Package.

One day Tour to Pamukkale:

Pamukkale is itself an independent and famous tourist spot in Turkey, at the same time it is just 3-hour ride via road from Marmaris. Then why not take a day off and spice up the tour of Marmaris with a visit to Pamukkale.

Pamukkale is famous for its white carbonate travertines, which is also known as the cotton mountains, besides the ancient city of Hierapolis is also a nearby attraction. Daily Hot Air Balloon ride is also available from Pamukkale, so you can have this majestic experience of taking a bird’s eye view from Hot Air Balloon.

One day Tour to Ephesus:

Ephesus is a place of historical interest, so for the history enthusiasts who are staying in Marmaris and want to take a day tour to some other place. Ephesus is the perfect option for you. An ancient city and home to the temple of Artemis, the Library of Celsus, the great Amphitheatre, and many more ancient infrastructures.

You will not regret your visit in this World Heritage sites. A lot of single-day tour packages are available from different tour companies in Marmaris. 

Take a Boat Trip to Cleopatra Island:

The trip to Cleopatra Island of Sedir is a 2-hour trip in the waterways. During this boating journey, you will experience aesthetic nature and a relaxing environment. On the way to Cleopatra Island, the boat will stop at several places where you can enjoy swimming.

The Major attraction of Cleopatra Island is its golden beach and the ancient city of Central. Once reaching there you will have 3 hours break which you can use to relax or explore the place all by yourself.

Take an adventurous Safari:

Marmaris is not just a tourist spot, it is a paradise of the adventure lovers. There is a lot to explore in the wild roads, and countryside adjoining Marmaris. The best way to have this adventure is to take an interesting, Jeep Safari, Horse safari or similar things.

There is a lot of organization who arranges these tours, during your stay in Marmaris, you can take these very popular safaris and have some time in the Wild. Although these are very exciting journeys, they are safe at the same time. The Guide who will take you on these tours is very well acquainted with the surroundings, besides it also covers insurance, so that you can have fun without worries. 

Swim with the dolphins:

Are you a dolphin lover? Then you would definitely not want to miss a trip to the dolphinarium in Marmaris. It is situated just 5 KM away from the Marmaris centre. Being one of the best seller trips amongst the Dolphin lovers, people spend quality time with these friendly creatures. The Dolphins used here are not wild ones, they are well trained and safe to be with. You will love to swim with them, and you are lucky enough you might even get kissed by a Dolphin.

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As a favourite spot of the tourists who visit Turkey, Marmaris is having a lot of fun things to do, apart from the packages described above there are a lot more than you can do actually. Some of the other famous packages booked by the travellers here include Moonlight Boat Cruise, Private Boat Trip, Fishing Trip, Premium Turkish Bath package, and many more.

In a word, Marmaris, will abundant and diversified fun opportunities never disappoint anyone. And whoever comes here once falls in love with the place, which enchants them here again and again.