Wedding Themes

Wedding traditions and norms vary around the world, but the goal of a loving couple joining hands in matrimony is always the end result. However, more and more couples are seizing control of the ceremony and reception to host their wedding of their dreams. For example, chairs covers, themed weddings have become increasingly popular because they allow couples to embrace a shared element of themselves and their relationships. Read below to learn about unconventional wedding themes!

1. Decade Themed

Decade-themed weddings are perfect for quirky couples. Embracing the hairstyles, wardrobe, and decorative aesthetic of years past will create a wonderful wedding environment. The older crowd will enjoy the nostalgia as they reminisce about their younger years, while the younger crowd will experience how the previous generation partied and lived. Whether you’re listening to disco music during a 1970s-themed wedding or decorating with exclusively vibrant neon colors for a 1980s themed wedding, a decade-themed wedding will be a hit! 

One specific decade-theme idea is the 1920s … and what better way to kick off the 2020s than with a Roaring-20s-themed wedding? The 1920s were a period of extravagance and glamour, so there is no shortage of ways to liven up your wedding ceremony. Each guest could dress up lavishly with themed accessories like tweed hats, feathers, and jewels as they promenade up the grand stairwell and tango in the grand ballroom. Turning back the clock to last century results in a wonderful time for all guests, as they will be transported to Gatsby's party of their dreams for the night!

2. Camouflage

Couples who love the outdoors should consider throwing a camouflage-themed wedding. It’s fairly simple to plan a camouflage wedding, as any rustic venue that features a heavily outdoorsy component such as a farm or cabin can easily be decorated with flowers, tree stumps, branches, and more.

It’s also easy for wedding party members and guests to accessorize, as there are plenty of ways to incorporate camouflage into one’s wardrobe. Women can wear partial or fully camouflaged dresses and accessorize with painted nails and jewelry. Men can wear a fully camouflaged tuxedo or accessorize with ties, camouflage lapels, and more. 

There are also many beautiful camouflage wedding rings and bands that are consistent with the theme. These rings have recently seen an increase in popularity, especially among those looking for intricate designs on their wedding bands. A camouflage pattern inlay against a titanium or Damascus steel band creates a beautiful and durable wedding band that’s perfect for any lover of all things nature. 

3. Winter Wonderland

A winter wonderland is another excellent unconventional wedding theme. Winter is a beautiful time of year, as a layer of untouched white snow creates a picturesque scene fit for a greeting card. Between snowflake table decorations, white trees on either side of the aisle, and ice sculptures, there is no shortage of winter-themed decoration ideas for a wedding.

Popular winter food and drinks such as hot chocolate and peppermint bark will surely be a hit among the guests! A winter-themed wedding could also incorporate elements of the holidays, depending on the date.

If you’re feeling very adventurous, you could organize a destination wedding in an actual winter haven! Getting married in the mountains surrounded by snow-capped pine trees will be a lifelong memory and a wonderful start to your new life as a couple.

4. Disney

Many couples love to think outside the box and incorporate their favorite television shows, movies, or other pop culture elements into their weddings. For example, Disney-themed weddings are perfect for quirky couples. The enhanced nostalgia will be a hit among all the guests, as fond memories of Disney movies are a childhood staple.

Incorporating elements from one or more of the endless Disney classics will create an unforgettable, 
.just make sure you book your tickets from the Park You could plan a Royal Wedding fit for Cinderella, Snow White’s perfect fairytale wedding, or a wedding in an underwater paradise from The Little Mermaid ... the possibilities are endless!

5. Harry Potter

Harry-Potter-themed weddings are another excellent pop culture option for quirky couples, as any banquet hall can be transformed into Hogwarts for an unforgettable night of festivities. Countless aspects of the movies, such as the unique food, the four Houses, and Quidditch can easily be incorporated into a wedding. Whether it’s eating a slice of Sorting Hat wedding cake or taking pictures with wands and potions in the photo booth, you’d have a blast at a Harry-Potter-themed wedding!

6. Game of Thrones

Game-of-Thrones-themed weddings are perfect for quirky couples. There is no shortage of ways to incorporate elements from one of the most, if not the most, popular and detailed shows of recent memory. You can walk down the aisle as the theme song plays in the background, and you can label table covers wholesale as certain family Houses from the show. 

Banquets and feasts are prominent throughout the show, so take notes from your favorite episodes (or chapters, as it was a top-selling novel series before it became a hit HBO show) for your wedding! Even though certain weddings in the show may not have turned out well for some guests, yours is sure to be a hit!

7. Board Game

A wedding inspired by your favorite board games(s) is another unconventional yet creative theme idea. Most guests will have fond memories of certain board games from childhood, and many couples still partake in regular board game nights either alone or with other couples!

Fortunately, there are endless opportunities to incorporate board games into your wedding. The entire wedding could have a theme consistent with one board game, such as Monopoly or Candy Land. You could also have various different games set up throughout the wedding reception for guests to play. Giant Jenga blocks or Scrabble would be a hit with guests of all ages!

A wedding doesn’t have to be a traditional dinner and reception. With this guide, you’re now ready to put together the best unconventionally themed wedding possible. It’s your big day, so you deserve to celebrate it however you want!