Protection Visa Subclass 866

What is Protection Visa Subclass 866?

Protection Visa Subclass 866 tends to be the most suitable and best for the individuals who are there in Australia and too engaged in the protection obligations. The Visa Subclass 866 application rests for the individuals who did not arrive in Australia through the illegal way, unauthorized air travel or maritime. 

It is also termed as the permanent visa option which allows the individuals to live and work in the Australian region as permanent residents. The individuals are too availed with access to Medicare and Centrelink based services.

What this visa allows you to do in Australia!

A huge number of benefits are enabled by the 866 Visa to the individuals. The same will have the inclusion of the following;
  • It will assist you to stay in the Australian region for an indefinite period of time.
  • It will allow you to study and work in Australia.
  • The Protection Visa subclass 866 application too allows you to enrol in the Medicare which is known to be the Healthcare scheme of Australia.
  • Once you gain the eligibility for the visa, it too avails you with the benefit of applying for Australian citizenship.
  • After obtaining the visa grant, you can also sponsor your eligible relatives for having permanent residence in the Australian region.
The individual can easily travel to and fro from Australia for the time period of 5 years from the date you attains the visa grant. After the time period gets over, it is essential that the individual should possess the resident return visa or any other visa to return to Australia. You would not be allowed to travel from the nation unless you obtain permission from the Minister in writing.

Are you eligible for the Visa application or not? Consider the following!

Before going for the visa application, it is essential that one must have the consideration of all the eligibility requirements and Subclass 866 Visa Conditions. The same has the inclusion of the following;
  • You are required to be in Australia having a valid visa. You should not be through any illegal marine or the unauthorized air arrival.
  • You are required to meet out the protection based obligations in the Australian economy.
  • You should be appealing to Australia’s protection.
  • You should possess evidence that you are a refugee being defined by the Refugee Convention. Also, you should meet out the criteria for the complementary Protection in the Australian Migration Act 1958.
  • You are required to provide the evidence in order to satisfy the minister that you are having the visa for the national interest.
  • You are required to meet the character and health requirements. For the purpose, you must also provide certain medical examinations in order to ensure your health protection along with the Aussie assemblage.

Can I include my family in the visa application?

  • Yes, the Subclass 866 visa application allows the individuals to include the below-mentioned members in the application
  • You can include your partner in the visa application whether that is married or the de-facto one.
  • You or your partner’s dependent children could be included in the visa application.
  • Other eligible dependent relatives could be also included in the visa application.
If it is like that the children who are being included in the visa application are younger than 18 years of age, it is obligatory that one should take permission from the guardian, parent or a friend or the relative. Also, there is a requirement to have fingerprints or photographs for the immigration department. There is not the requisite of the fingerprints for the children who are younger than the age group of 15 years of age, physically challenged or the incapable ones.

Step to step guide of having the visa application

  • Step 1: The prior step rests before having the visa application. You are required to check whether you are eligible for the visa application or not.
  • Step 2: The next step rests the gathering of all of the documents requisites for having the visa application. It is all because the decision is being made having the consideration of the application details only.
  • Step 3: In this stage, one would have a visa application.
  • Step 4: After having the application for the visa, the individuals would receive a letter of acknowledgment.
  • Step 5: You would know about the decision of the authorities in writing about the Visa Subclass 866 grant.
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