Hand-tied sausages are delicious

When choosing a type of meat to eat, it is sometimes difficult because we all have different tastes and preferences about food. But, there is something that most of us have in common and this is that we love pork. 

Who doesn't like eating delicious pork chops for lunch or dinner or some ribs while watching a movie? 

Pork has become one of the most popular meat not only because it is affordable but also very nutritious. Many people prefer to eat pork than beef and of course, once you notice the difference, you will notice that the taste can never be compared to beef, chicken, or turkey. When you go to the supermarket, you can find a wide variety of pork products. 

The most popular pork product we usually buy to have at home is sausages. We all love sausages and if they are pork sausages it's better. They not only have a great taste, but they can be used in different ways as well as prepared in different dishes. The best pork sausages are the hand-tied ones. Unfortunately, most of the pork sausages that you get at the supermarket are tied by machines. Therefore, the taste is different. When sausages are hand-tied, it not only gives a distinctive taste but you can rest assured that you are eating a natural and healthy product.

Buy pork collar and neck

If you would like to buy delicious and unique sausages because you are thinking about having a barbecue with your family, then you should get them an Archer Butcher´s in Norwich that offers the best choice of pork cuts. They not only produce the best sausages in the area but also have different pork cuts that will delight your family due to its taste. Many people are not familiar with pork cuts. 

This is the main reason why sausages have become so popular in the last years because we all know them and know what is the best way of using and preparing them. A good pork cut that you can get at Archer Butcher´s is the collar of pork. 

This is the part located at the end of the shoulder that can be used for roasting and barbecues. Many people are cooking the collar nowadays and since they started eating it, they have had a new experience when it comes to making a barbecue. Another cut that has become one of people's favorite is the knuckle. This is also a part next to the shoulder and it is considered one of the best pieces that you can get of pork.

Learn new recipes on the web

Unfortunately, not many people know how to prepare these special cuts and decide not to buy them. So, why have the collar and the knuckle become so popular among meat lovers? Well, believe it or not, technology has helped people consume this more and more every day. This is due to the internet. These two cuts are popular because people can find different videos on the web that teach them the best way of cooking them and where to buy them as well.

Go off the easy way when cooking pork

There are different ways you can prepare pork either grilled, roasted, or just frying it in a pan. Many people just go off the easy way. They just love frying the pork cut in a pan with a little olive oil and then prepare a special sauce to go with the meat. This could be a white wine and cream sauce that will make a perfect combination to be served with the pork and will make a delicious and wonderful meal. 

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