Packaging Perfection

First impressions count with consumers. Whether your customer has ordered online or wandered into a store that carries your goods, the packaging is most likely going to be their initial physical interaction with your product. It stands to reason that you should invest in getting your packaging right so that it can help you win new customers and keep them coming back. Here are three tips for winning repeat customers with your product's custom box design.

Stand Out And Be Memorable

Having quality, aesthetically pleasing packaging is a no brainer but with everyone doing it, your product can easily blend in and be overlooked. A simple, yet effective way to stand out from the crowd is to craft packaging that serves multiple purposes. Corporate promotional gifts were once locked away in the supply closet only seeing the light of day when it was time to woo visiting executives. 

With the rise in accessibility, promotional products can now be used as break out visuals for your packaging or even used as your product packaging in the right circumstances (think fancy bags or boxes for bottles of wine or a cute toiletry bag for hair products). Not only does the use of giftware with or for packaging add extra value to the product, but it also improves your sustainability and gives your company free marketing when used for one of its other purposes.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Speaking of sustainability, whenever possible, elements of your product packaging that isn't serving an alternative purpose or being used as promotional material should ideally be both recycled and recyclable. As society shifts to a more environmentally friendly focus, packing your offerings in a sustainable manner helps you do your part for the environment and makes your products more appealing to customers. Hemp is incredibly sustainable if you need fabric packaging and live in an area where it isn't prohibited. Glass, recycled cardboard and reclaimed wood are also great options that will draw attention and have customers discussing your product with their friends and family. 

Craft An Experience

These days, opening or unboxing a product is often seen as a journey. In fact, there's even an online trend of people filming themselves opening products and sharing it with the world. With that in mind, craft an experience for your customers so instead of just removing your product from the packaging, they're getting value from doing so. How you go about this will vary based on what you sell but everyone loves surprises. 

The inclusion of a QR code or a link to engaging (non-sales focused) content on your website or app is a great way to bring customers back into your ecosystem. Competitions and discounts also work well but make sure you don't overdo it or no one will want to pay full price for your goods. 

Following these three tips will help your business stand out from the competition and keep customers coming back for more. Remember that your product packaging isn't just a vessel for your goods, it's a brand ambassador and needs to be treated as such. Keep it creative and individual and always look for ways to improve so you don't fall behind in the race to be the best but most importantly ensure you're unique and your products will be flying off the shelves.