On January 6th, the world's leading trading platform, BW, added NULS to its cryptocurrency offerings. BW has since launched margin trading for NULS/USDT after this announcement. Traders can now access up to 10 times leverage, which presents a new opportunity. We welcome members of the NULS community to use the platform to experience this newly added feature. Thanks to BW’s support of NULS, NULS will continue to work with quality partners worldwide to build a public blockchain ecosystem.

Note: This article does not constitute investment advice; please carefully study the risks and make relevant investment choices based on analysis.

About NULS:

NULS is a customizable blockchain infrastructure, a global open-source enterprise-class blockchain solution platform dedicated to building a multi-chain parallel, value-sharing blockchain ecology. NULS offers a comprehensive blockchain solution featuring microservices, smart contracts, blockchain development through Chain Factory, and cross-chain interoperability.

NULS has been evaluated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's Sadie Global Public Chain Technology Assessment Index list and given recognition for being the world's fourth and second domestic public chain, in smart contracts, cross-chain, and other fields to take the lead in achieving their technical goals.

About BW

BW is one of the earliest mining pools to be developed. It is one of three mining pools renowned in the cryptocurrency market. BW has minted nearly 500,000 bitcoins, 3 million Litecoins, and almost 1.5 million Ethereum, valued at over US$5 billion. The current daily output value exceeds US$1 million. From pool to exchange, after five years of industry experience, in August 2018, BW and ZB.com launched a strategic cooperation to establish the world's first digital asset derivatives trading platform based on the mining pool.

The BW exchange is registered in Australia and headquartered in Singapore. As an exchange with tens of millions of domain names and overseas branches, BW's core competitive advantage is its access to a mature overseas market, operational capabilities, and professional-level financial derivative offerings. It has 11 communities with languages covering Japan, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Africa, Turkey, Malaysia, Spain, India, etc. Currently in Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, etc. countries and regions. BW has set up centers with localized operations, gaining considerable market share and industry resources in their respective markets. They provide stable and secure digital asset transaction services to users in 50 countries worldwide.

2. Statistics:
  • 1M registered users
  • Ranking top 3 in Korea
  • Ranking top 1 in Indonesia
  • Ranking top 10 in CMC
  • 500M daily transaction
  • 50K+ daily active users
  • 2.5M+ monthly visits