new roof

The importance of a roof is often underestimated by people and is more than just a protective measure against outside elements. It also contributes to the home’s overall efficiency. With technology progressing each day, homeowners have more options than before. Here are why a new roof can add more value to your home.

Advanced Efficiency And Technology

One of the primary deliberations of why installing a new roof on your house can add value is due to the massive advancements in technology that have come to light. From things like solar panels to individualized solar roof shingles technology, there are important choices to select from. 

If you decide to install the new shingle technology with the new roof, you can customize the precise look you’re after. With an upgrade in the choices of aesthetic values, there is no better way of giving your home a well-deserved makeover. However, the aesthetic appeal is not the only advantage of a roof upgrade with newer shingle technologies. 

They can also cool your roof and make it more energy-efficient. The newer upgrades are also long-lasting and have warranties for up to fifty years. A valuable component in boosting the value of a new roof is having solar shingles or solar panels installed. Remember that this type of investment is advantageous while staying in the house. 

Solar energy offers the benefit of lower energy bills while you’re doing your part for the environment. Both are valuable examples of how a new roof can boost energy efficiency and, subsequently, the value of your home. You can visit all your roofing requirements. These options are highly advantageous to buyers enjoying the long-term benefit, which is very hard to pass on.

Amplified Curb Appeal

Another excellent method of how a new roof can boost your home’s value is by expanding the curb appeal. With the progression of new high-quality asphalt shingles, you can select a texture and color that is ideally suited to the exterior of your home. You can even go for a rustic slate look. 

The exterior curb appeal is an essential consideration when planning to resell your home at some point. The better the curb appeal, the more likely people will notice your listing. The more buyers you have interested in buying your home, the higher your resell price can go.

No Inspection Problems

Once you decide on selling your home, one of the biggest headaches is the inspections that must be passed. While the probability exists that you are up to code, the older your home is, the higher the chances are that it will require some upgrades. The most visible part of a home is its roof; therefore, it must be in top condition when the inspector or building appraiser is doing their inspection. 

How Much Can A New Roof Contribute to The Resale Value?

If you are deliberating putting up a new roof to boost the value of your home but are unsure whether it would make a difference, then the statistics say otherwise. According to the national association of Realtors, homeowners can look forward to about 105% of the recovered value by installing a new roof. Not only will you be able to obtain more foot traffic at your open house, but you can also benefit from an improved return on investment on a lucrative level. It is primarily contingent on the type of roof you choose and the features you add.