YouTube Videos

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the biggest treasures of the video content available online. YouTube has something to offer for each and every one of us right from the kids to the elderly people. At least thousands of videos are uploaded on YouTube on a daily basis ranging from kids entertainment to informational videos and much more.

We all like watching YouTube videos but none of us have a lot of spare time in hand to watch the video content as much as we want to. But do not worry anymore as we have come up with a list of sites that enables you to save YouTube videos on your mobile so that you can watch it on the go.

Sites to Save YouTube Videos on Your Mobile

  • Video Downloadr - Video Downloadr is a free video downloading site that enables you to search for videos from YouTube and then download the same to enjoy it when offline. Furthermore, you can select the preferred format and the quality of the video to be downloaded. It is quite easy to use as no login required, thus making downloading a YouTube video a hassle-free task.
  • - is a YouTube video downloading website. You just need to copy the URL of the video and paste it, then select the preferred format and click on ‘Download’. It also supports online video websites other than YouTube.
  • - is a site that allows you to save the YouTube Video, by pasting the address of the YouTube video on the field. Then click on ‘Grab It’. This YouTube Video Downloader also allows you to convert the formats and the quality of the YouTube video.
  • KeepVid - This is the easiest and most accessible way to download your favorite YouTube videos while you simply browse YouTube. All that you have to do is save the bookmarked in your favorite YouTube video addresses, and then you can conveniently save any video from YouTube while watching it just by clicking on its button.
  • DownVids - DownVids is an online video downloader that enables downloading of not only YouTube videos but also videos from many other video sharing sites like Facebook, Instagram etc. Simply copy and paste the URL of the video into the text box that is provided and click the ‘Download’ button. You can also select the format of the video, which is to be downloaded, and after the selection is done click the download button and the file will be downloaded straight to your mobile in no time.
  • OnlineYouTube - OnlineYouTube is another YouTube video downloader and converter that enables you to download your favorite YouTube video by just pasting the address of the video to be downloaded into the text box that is provided on the OnlineYouTube site and finally click the ‘Download’ button. It will then analyze the content and tell you information about it.

In this way you will be able to download YouTube videos straight from YouTube directly onto your mobile in no time. This will ensure that you never ever lose your favorite YouTube content.